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Lenovo introduces the Miix 510 and the Yoga Tab 3 Plus: all the information

Lenovo to left a plethora of new devices in its wake by Berlin, which include two new convertible ( 910 Yoga and the Yoga Book, which includes a touch panel to draw instead of keyboard) and a new phablet ( Moto Z Play, that surely we shall have occasion to speak more in the coming days and that input has attracted enough attention thanks to an autonomy which is announced it will be 50 hours) , but here we want to focus in them two tablets: to an of them, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, it expected, while it Miix 510 has been a pleasant surprise. I have all what us has discovered the company china already on them.

Miix 510

Started by the new Member of the range Miix that, as surely already know (especially if in some time have sought a tablet with Windows 10) is an of them main betting of Lenovo to compete with the range Surface, while is true that not all them models are to the same level. This Miix 510 that have known today, in all case, will be undoubtedly an alternative interesting for who seek something more economic that them tablets of Microsoft: is has announced starting from 600 dollars and comes with a screen of 12.2 inch with resolution Full HD (something less than resolution, therefore, that in the Miix 700), processor Intel Core of sixth generation (that arrive to the i7) , until 8 GB of memory RAM and up to 1 TB of capacity of storage (here, instead, improves significantly what us offered the model above).

Miix 510 trasera

In the design section, it is interesting to note that it has retained the tab back to the style of the Tablet Surface, serving support and that we had already seen in some of the earlier models (such as the Miix 700 which we had already mentioned). The keyboard is, of course, accessory star, as it always happens with the professional tablets, but I must say that it will also have their own Pen, for those who prefer to work with a stylus.

Yoga Tab 3 Plus

The family Yoga also has grown this night, although this already itself entered within it planned: the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, of whose existence had known in them last days thanks to some leaks, is has become actually with virtually all them specifications technical that is had rumored, and between which stand out the screen of 10.1 inch with resolution 2560 x 1440 (with technology Technicolor Color Enhance) , a processor Snapdragon 652 to which accompany 3 GB of memory RAM and a capacity of storage very important, with 32 GB of memory internal expandable via miro-SD. Have had occasion, however, of discover some others features interesting of the tablet, as are the camera main of nothing less that 13 MP (the front is of 5 MP), and that the capacity of your battery will be of 9300 mAh (a good autonomy is an of them virtues that always find in them models of this range). And, if anyone had any doubt even that is a tablet intended primarily to enjoy multimedia contents, it should be noted that it also has four JBL speakers and Dolby Atmossound.

Yoga Tab 3 Plus frontal trasera

We can not comment, finally, that the already on its atypical design of this tablet is accompanied by a combination of materials almost as unusual, mixing metal, plastic, and the skin, which is the one prevailing at the back as you can see. The cylindrical support, which is the hallmark of this line, in any case, not only houses the powerful battery so we are going to thank, but it can be especially useful in a device, such as this one, designed to enjoy reading, films and other forms of entertainment that would have us holding the tablet in our hands for hours. Another novelty in this section is arriving with a certificate of resistance to water, not at the level of dives, but to protect us from splashing. We need to know how much it will cost us and when we will be able to buy it, two details

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