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Lenovo and Acer display muscle in the first day of the IFA with spectacular hybrid and portable

Lenovo and Acer, them two company that low our point of view best have worked to approach large machines to them classes popular, made all a display of force yesterday in the first day of the IFA, especially in it relative to devices convertible, 2 in 1 or hybrid (each which decides your denomination) with Windows 10. Saw much innovation, including technology that seems almost experimental developed already to get to the market.

No it will refuse, the day of yesterday in the IFA us left a disappointment important: the Galaxy Tab S3, not appeared by any side. By the contrary Samsung dedicated his keynote to content to those passionate of them wearables with the Gear S3. Although both Lenovo and Acer had a pair of “purely” Android tablets: Yoga Tab 3 Plus e Iconia Talk S (high range and range of input respectively), revealed the true potential of both companies in the segment where they have forged its true history of success: laptops and hybrids.

Lenovo Yoga Book: the sensation of the day

The Yoga Book is a spectacular device that works with both with Windows 10 as Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and its great novelty resides in a second screen that makes of keyboard. Without the relief of them keys physical the convertible sum less than a centimeter to the unite their two parties. In this case, is has opted for a processor Intel Atom (X 5 Z8660), a screen full HD of 10.1 inch and 4 GB of memory RAM. From the moment in that this team came to scene, already is outlined clearly as clear favorite to take is honorary title of best product of the fair.

Yoga Book tablet de lenovo con Intel X5

High-end Windows 10 plaintiffs either were empty-handed. The Lenovo Yoga 910 is the spitting image of the greatest potential that can lock a laptop today with Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake (seventh generation) and a display of 4 K resolution, in a design of excellence. Its initial price will be $ 1,299, not too much if we take into account how the market is.

Lenovo introduces the Miix 510 and the Yoga Tab 3 Plus: all the information

Acer Swift and Spin: innovation and accessibility

Acer is a firm economic, capable of offering hardware pointer to price reasonable, as have commented in some analysis recent. However, that does not mean that when you do lack innovation firm a step behind the other, quite the opposite is: the new Acer Swift 7 could qualify of authentic technical nonsense with their (only) 9.8 millimeters thick. We are speaking of a team that, to difference of the Yoga Book (9.6 mm) itself has keys with relief.

Acer Spin 7 modo tablet

The equipment of the line Spin, by the contrary, have an approach different. Like Aspire R11 we discussed here, they rotate on the keyboard and also have an exceptional design. Its top is the 7 Spin, with Intel Core i7, which will cost about 1,300 euros.

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