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Leave of smoking is possible with these applications for the mobile

The return of the summer is near the beginning of the year one of the most propitious times for good purposes, and one of the most recurring each year is the desire to quit. Although increasingly will be harder to fall into this “habit” by the numerous regulations that impede your enjoyment in public places, there is still a large percentage of the population that smokes, and by extension, a good percentage that also tries to leave it. We know that much of the possibility to quit has to do with our strength of will, something that can help us these applications to quit.

As we said the month of September is ideal for good purposes, as in the new year, which I already did a review of ideal apps to help us in such ambitious targets.

Now we are going to see some applications that we van to help in our purpose of leave of smoking.

Smoke Free

As says the name of this application, the objective of all which seek leave of smoking is release is of this “addiction” for this what best an app that we remember one of them aspects, besides the health, that more us hurt at the time of smoking. That smoking is bad and even lethal for the health is something that nobody doubts. This application is counting the days that we have been without smoking, and this achievement quantifies it in different ways, as for example economic.

dejar de fumar

With Smoke Free are going to be able to mark us a goal, for example do us with something that wanted to buy from makes time. Smoke Free us will say the money that have saved until now to the leave of smoking cigarettes and us guide you to get the target marked, a goal that us will help to leave of smoking.

WP-Appbox: Smoke Free – quit (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Smoke Free – stop smoking and become in non-smoking (free+, App Store) →

Quit smoking – number!

Another app quite similar with the same objective, that can leave of smoking. This application plays with the same “feelings” quantifying the time we have no smoking moneyamong many other things, and allowing so we can both quit smoking how to reach our key economic reward.

apps para dejar de fumar

But this application to leave of smoking offers more, as for example the time that carry without smoking or the number of cigarettes to which we have waived in this time. That Yes, the will is vitual both for the goal of leave of smoking as in in the process of make it, since if not are sincere with us same and do traps with the app, never get our objective.

WP-Appbox: Let of smoke-number! (Free+, Google Play) →

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