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Learn to change the appearance and customize the notifications of Android to your taste

Customize the notifications of WhatsApp is something that ta have have explained in any occasion, but thanks to the application that today you approach can alter and customize them notifications of Android by full changing the appearance of your smartphone with striking colors and other features.

If of something can boast Android facing others systems operating are their many options of customization and configuration that can get that, although have two smartphones identical in form, its content is completely different thanks to the application of themes, tones of calls and notifications, the alteration of its funds of screen, or them many possibilities that is open to the root the terminal.

Application that I today approach affects a small section of the Android operating system, specifically its center of notifications which you can alter and modify to your tastes thanks to Notify Beta, a free application available for download in the Android app market and that, best of all, doesn’t require root permission to Customize Notifications.

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How to customize Android notifications

Despite being an application beta, it works perfectly but on occasion we can find problems with certain notifications from applications.

Notifiqueme de cambios a Beta allows you to Customize Android notifications according to their style, shape and color. All this without sacrificing the floating style that has been present in Google’s operating system since years ago. But not only is the interface of notifications which can alter thanks to this application, since also, for example, we can choose the time that remain the same on screen and even on or off sound and vibration, as well as its duration.

notify beta app

Of course, the most interesting, as you can see in the image that appears on these lines, is to change the style of small or large notifications, add animations and alter the background color that appears on them. Another of the many configuration options which allows you to Notify Beta is change the place in which appear the Android notifications, and can move them from the top screen to the bottom.

To configure all these parameters simply start the application and slide to the right to access the many present in Notify Beta settings that will allow you to change the appearance and Customize Android notifications completely.

The application is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 or higher, but if you have Android 5.0.1 Lollipop you must install HeadsOff app, run it, and start the service to get rid of the potential problems associated with the system notifications.

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