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Learn reverse, an app that provides instant translations

Applications of languages deserve their own space within the educational and the focused on productivity that can be found in the different catalogues. The offer of this type of platforms not for of increase offering as claim, an experience of learning more custom in which the user can choose when and how acquire them different lessons without need of pass by academies.

Within this group, can find which ensure the knowledge of a new language through games, until others based in the translation of texts and expressions as happens in reverse, of which then you have more details and that aims to rival with Google Translate to the same time that offers lessons on those languages more spoken of the world. Up to what point can meet the expectations deposited by their developers?


Reverse has a very simple mechanics: as is the case with the platform created by the Mountain View, enables us to obtain instant translations in 11 languages both of words and expressions and more complex sentences. On the other hand, offers results appropriate to each context in which find them different structures and allows create a database with the vocabulary and the syntax that more is adapted to our needs.

reverso pantalla


As mentioned before, this application allows the knowledge of any of the languages in which is available through the creation and use of cards that contain words. On the other hand, its creators claim that it can be useful for all kinds of audiences: from students of any grade, to areas such as the scientific and the technological professionals who need instant translation of scholarly papers and citations. The component social also is important, since allows share them results both by email as by the major networks.


This tool has no cost initial Google Play although it reaches 5 euros on iTunes. Android users, it is close to breaking the barrier of 5 million downhill. Points best appreciated by those who have downloaded, include the accuracy of translations and simple operation. However, also has received some critical by their shopping integrated, that can get to them 4.99 euros by element, or also, a database of languages still reduced and that is focused in the languages of Europe Western, Arabic and Chinese.

WP-Appbox: Reverse Translator Dictionary (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Translator reverse (4.99 €, App Store) →

You think that back can help to deepen in the knowledge of languages? More information on similar platforms like Linqapp so that you can say to yourselves while you know more options you have available.

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