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Learn math on your tablet or smartphone with Mathway

All have seen how in recent years, education has undergone a major transformation at the hands of portable devices. Few computers more than one decade ago were in some classrooms of schools, have led to a widespread expansion of notebooks and more recently, tablets, in the majority of levels. As it could not be less, implantation of this last stand has been in the hands of many applications that you have counted more on other occasions.

Coinciding with many winter exams of universities and other institutions, today we will talk about Mathway, an app that at first glance, allows a more in-depth learning of mathematics. Is it possible to find more tools enabling to supplement learning in the classroom? We will then try to check it.


One of the most characteristic features of this application is the fact that can automatically solving advanced mathematical problems. Among the various areas in which it can be useful, we find algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Other fields such as chemistry also offers a number of solutions. In all these, we found different levels that developers looking to reach a wider audience with a large age range.

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Many educational applications are characterized by a few learning systems that allow users to get a more personalized experience. In this case, those who do not wish the automatic resolution of the problems, have a series of tutorials and step-by-step lessons in explaining the different methods to achieve responses.


Mathway doesn’t have any cost. However, for access to the greater part of them contained, as happens with other tools of their field, is necessary or make subscriptions or payments monthly, or perform shopping integrated that in this case, arrive to them 90 euros by element. It is directed towards the 5 million downloads while has also been criticized by factors such as failure of translation, unexpected closings or the price of some additional products.

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Do you think that this type of platforms may be useful, or seeing the disadvantages that have, in the end all you get is that users prefer conventional learning methods are? You have more information about others of the genre like Photomath so you can get to know more options available.

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