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Launch and price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

No doubt it was the model more attractive that it offered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and after the collapse of this model, the Korean company doesn’t want to lose this design which now happens to be the Galaxy S7 Blue Coral.

We saw it leaked a few weeks ago but we have already official photos which, probably, and maybe with the permission of the Edition for the Olympic Games, it is the most attractive model of the flagship of Samsung. We speak of the Galaxy S7 Blue Coral.

chica con Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

Samsung presents the Galaxy S7 Blue Coral appeal

At the moment just presented in Korea and it will be released in November. Sure that many of those who put their view in Note 7 were captivated this color which mixes a smooth blue casing and a framework in which Samsung is committed to call “Blue Coral” – but that the eyes of much of the world continues to be a “rose gold” which is fashionable.

dos coreanos con Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

All metallic elements are colored this coral tone while the glass parts are which recovered the blue that looked proud Note 7 before you have to leave the market through the back door.

sirena con Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

Of time has a price of some 720 euros to the change, and not have news of when could get out of the borders of Asia. Others times doubt of that us can get these new versions to Europe but in this occasion, and after the disappearance of which was to be the King of them Christmas for Samsung, is more than likely that the launch is to level world to recover them sales that is could have lost with the Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

In fact, if you have a Note 7 in blue and not yet what you’ve changed or returned, perhaps you deserve to wait a few weeks for the Korean company us confirm whether this model of Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral makes the leap and lands in our country. Telling that you’ll get the terminal and the price difference with the Note 7 which you bought.

And benefits of the Galaxy S7 Blue Coral?

In that it has not changed much the thing as the design. Galaxy S7 Blue Coral, as you can guess, has the same sheet to the S7 Galaxy that we knew at the Mobile World Congress last February. You can consult your technical sheet below and let’s face it rivals in our comparison of mobile.

Release item and price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral was published in MovilZona.

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