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Latest update Pokémon GO leaves us a nasty bug

The last error that seems to affect to the last title of Niantic for Android and iOS has to them players pouring all type of insults in their phones to the see as monsters rare is converted in beasts common after it captures. Imagine that you can hunt a Blastoise, and finally you see before your eyes and it ends up becoming a Rattata, Pidgey or Elkans. How would you feel? This is what seems to happen after the last update of Pokémon GO.

The bug seems to have appeared in the last 48 hours after the update to the game that came to different applications markets last week and that some other news removes the following distance and blocked third-party Pokemon maps services.

Players reported that the error seems to occur randomly and does not seem to follow any logic. Some have been lucky, already equal to many Pokemon rare become normal after the last update of Pokemon Pokemon, other users report that to hunt small normal monsters they end up becoming Pokemon rare as Snorlax or Eeve.

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Users of Pokémon GO angry

This bug, together with numerous changes, which has brought with it the latest update of Pokémon GO has provoked the ire of many fans of the game who have turned their frustration in the comments on the application to App Store and Google play.

The developer of the game, Niantic, has cut features such as the pedometer that allowed a player to know if there was a pokemon in the vicinity. The update also blocked sites and third-party applications such as Pokevision, tools which precisely provided to players to find Pokemon near them.

Comments on the application to the App Store and Google Play van loaded with criticism among which many players demand the reimbursement of the money spent on the game, because after the last update of Pokémon GO gaming experience seems to have worsened dramatically. “I am not going to waste time with the game if we can even track the pokemon missing us by adding to our Pokedex,” says one of the comments stated in the application after the latest revision.

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