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Last update for smartphones Xiaomi blocks them with a black screen

Throughout the day today was launched from Xiaomi forums the update with the latest MIUI 8 Global Beta version with reference 6.11.24. However, the cited version of software has brought a unpleasant surprise for who will have lively to install it. Many of these have seen their smartphones Xiaomi with black screen, blocked, once it restarted after the installation process is complete. Apparently the error so only affects to the users that feature of language Spanish and Portuguese in their phones.

All software update brings with it, normally, improvements and bug fixes. However, sometimes the changes are not expected and errors that are detrimental to the user experience. If in addition the update is included in a firmware Beta testing program, multiply the odds of experiencing errors. This is what you has happened to crowd of users of smartphones Xiaomi that have decided upgrade the terminals with the last ROM Beta of MIUI 8.

Problems with the last update of MIUI 8

The company announced today same the availability of a new firmware in phase of tests of MIUI 8 (MIUI Global Beta ROM 6.11.24). According to the own survey integrated in the thread where is has published the guide of installation and links of download of the update, more than one 95% of them users recommended the update by the battery of changes and improvements introduced. However, the result after the update of the latest MIUI ROM 8 Beta has had disastrous consequences for a sector of customers.

Xiaomi with screen in black

And is that, after completing the process of installation of the update, some of these have seen how its smartphones Xiaomi is block and appears a screen in black that prevents start the team. After checking that not all users have been subject to this error, is has been able to reach a conclusion, still not official since the company has not yet acted. Everything seems to indicate that this error has been reproduced in Xiaomi smartphones with Spanish and Portuguese language as language by default.

The problem has acquired some relevance since, by having the teams locked bootloader, the solution is complicated, since it is not possible to install the ROM again by the traditional method.

Partial solution

As already have indicated, to these hours Xiaomi still not is has pronounced by what those users affected is found with their smartphones blocked, with a screen in black. However, the community Android on MIUI has started to take letters in the topic and already is offered different solutions partial until the manufacturer take the voice singer. Apparently, some have managed to recover their reseteandolos in remote devices, through Google’s Android device management tool. However, this means reset the computer and losing the information stored therein. And is that of this mode the Spanish disappears as language by default and, at the same time, is gone the error of the screen in black.

Article last updated for smartphones Xiaomi blocks them with a black screen was published in MovilZona.

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