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Known Wikiloc, a GPS app in which you create your own map

GPS navigation has become a very useful tool when it comes to using our tablets and smartphones. The most recent example is Pokémon Go, which has revolutionised the way that millions of people have used the geolocation of your devices. While this feature, also have some shadows in aspects like privacy and related permissions that we attach to apps downloaded, the truth is that it has become a useful tool.

On other occasions we have spoken pull that have sports or travel apps that use this technology or to create training plans and routes for the lovers of the running for the first, or to create the best routes and trips according to the preferences of each user. In this wake, we have other tools as Wikiloc, which you then have more details.


Broadly speaking, Wikiloc contains an extensive catalogue of maps from all over the world through which, we can create our own routes when practicing sports such as hiking among a range of more than 45 different activities, or simply, if we are visiting some picturesque place. On the same side, it has some social networking features that enable share all routes that we believe with our friends.

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Offline mode

One of the main attractions of this application is the fact that maps are also available in an offline mode that can be very useful if you find us in rugged areas where the coverage fails frequently. Wikiloc developers ensure that all planes are fully updated and we can also edit them when it comes to scheduling our favorite routes.


WikiLoc has no initial cost, what has served him to be among the most popular apps of Google Play this week. However, required Purchasing integrated which reach the 4.49 euros, and which may be necessary to acquire characteristics as a notification system that tells us if we turned of the paths that we set up. Among the aspects most valued positively, are sharing routes and an simple interface. However, it has also received criticism in other points such as unexpected closings or the accidental deletion of the profiles.

WP-Appbox: WikiLoc navigation Outdoor GPS (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: WikiLoc navigation Outdoor GPS (free*, App Store) →

You have available more information about other similar apps such as TwoNav GPS so you can get to know other options at your fingertips.

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