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Known PackPoint, an app that organizes your luggage if going of trip

When I have spoken of travel applications, we see as the most characteristic of this type of platforms was by one side, the possibility of travelling to a multitude of destinations around the world, and on the other, planning of the breaks through the introduction of preferences that allow us to get a much more personalized and experience positive both in price and in the sites we visited.

However, in this field also are starting to find an offer in increase that on occasions, can generate doubts to them users that wish to book hotels or flights on tablets and smartphones. To try to generate more safety to the public and to the same time, uncheck is of their competing, find apps as PackPoint, of which then you have their features more outstanding.


As it is often the case with other similar platforms, PackPoint allows you to schedule trips through the implementation of a series of filters that most conform to our needs. However, in this case, the criteria of search not is reduce only to the category of establishments or to the range of prices of them themselves, but also incorporates others parameters that us helps to first view, to choose what carry in the luggage as will see now.

packpoint pantalla

Different categories

Between them criteria that we will help to organize best them suitcases, find some as the time that will make in the place of destination, the number of nights that pass there, if the travel is by business or pleasure, as well as a guide with information detailed of the city in which are and that contains data as services public, transport or a list of activities that can perform. On the other hand, its developers claim that their management is simple through an interface composed by several icons and access direct.


PackPoint not have no cost initial. However, as tends to happen with other apps similar, requires of shopping integrated that come to them 3.28 euros by element. Has got overcome the million of downloads thanks to aspects as its interface or the assistance at the time of making the luggage. However, it has also received criticism in other aspects such as the failures of synchronization with multiple devices.

WP-Appbox: PackPoint: list of baggage (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: PackPoint, the list of contents of travel (free+, App Store) →

Believe that this application is a twist concerning other of travel that are accustomed to see? Have available more information on platforms similar as Nativoo so you can say you same.

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