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Known Lineage, the successor of Cyanogen, which already have been allowed to see

In the field of operating systems, we currently find interesting fragmentation which can result in the presence of more players in the medium term and that however, already carries a time demonstrating. When we refer to interfaces that run on tablets and smartphones and making them operate on a daily basis, we can find two large families: on the one hand, the triad formed by Windows, iOS, and finally, Android, that are standard in most terminals and which in the case of the Green robot software, reaches an approximate 80% share. On the other hand, a series of elements inspired especially by the latter, and that they have been developed by Asian companies seeking to control all aspects of production of its terminals and provide a more personalized experience.

However, sometimes these tools, which roughly are layers of personalization and are defined by offering a greater variety of themes and visuals for the public, are also prone to suffer the ups and downs that characterize the consumer electronics sector and giving as a result the acceptance or a bad reception from software. Cyanogen removal could be one of the most recent cases and already have the other side of the coin on Lineage, which has already been considered his successor and which would be implemented gradually in some companies. We told you more about him and try to see what their strengths but also weaknesses.

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What happened to Cyanogen?

After a few last months characterized by a delicate economic situation, the makers of Cyanogen were forced to stop the development of new ROM´s and updates for this platform. The decision, announced to end of December, is made effective the day 1 of January approximately. This left in a hurry to the users of this software, since among the measures taken, possible updates is braking. In this article I count more on the status of the interface at the end of 2016.

Arrives Lineage

As it was logical, the cancellation of the project Cyanogen angered public and developers. A group of the latter was launched to continue the initiative. Firstly, a change of name he gave as a result Lineage, then, a number of amendments seeking to improve the first and at the same time, maintain its essence. Currently, you can know more about it through an official website featuring news and up-to-date information useful to those who want to learn more and download it. In theory it is Open, which would facilitate the access of who wanted it to, elements such as the source code.

lineage pantalla

A step forward?

Existing images do not show too much progress with respect to its predecessor. Equal to the Cyanogen interface and remember, inspired by Android, containing the same functions such as the Optimization of applications, an Assistant to ensure the privacy of the public and a catalogue of topics with which to change the wallpaper or screen savers. In some terminals, Cyanogen icon appears. However, when it comes to turning on devices equipped with Lineage, appears an animation with your logo.

Where can we see it already?

All indications are that this platform will take many elements of Android Nougat. This may be a point in favour for a greater implantation and at the moment, it might be available for the latest models of the series Nexus and especially, others coming from Chinese companies and among which we find the most recent and high OnePlusor Motorola. Do you think that it will end up being consolidated and be one of the most popular customization layers? Could it make the leap to other larger formats such as tablets in the future?

lineage interfaz

The challenges

Sometimes Lineage but other interfaces inspired by Android, not only access can be difficult if they are not installed in series. On the other hand, these platforms usually have some features which, despite being considered useful by its creators, actually can be counterproductive for users to produce duplications in some applications that only lead to a greater burden of work, a drop in performance and an occupation of memory inneecsaria. On the other hand, we can not side another large amount of public preference to have versions of the Green robot as updated as possible before that access to these platforms, despite follow based on it, as we have mentioned have other variations.

The future

Code software with free access and open are still very attractive to a large number of users. Lineage tries to take advantage of this jerk. However, it is difficult to make predictions about what could be their future and more if we take into account the ups and downs that his predecessor has gone through in recent years. After knowing something more about this software, do you think that in the future could end up being a more accessible alternative and that we could find in a greater number of smartphones but also, tablets? Do you think that it will have difficulties to settle in a context in which mentioned earlier, three major systems boast all the market share while there is multitude of layers inspired by them? You have available more information as for example, a list of other subsystems so that you can say to yourselves.

The article meets Lineage, the successor of Cyanogen, which already have been allowed to see was published in TabletZona.

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