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K6 vibe Note: Lenovo returns to the mid-range through this phablet

In recent weeks, the Chinese company Lenovo has been protagonist in portals around the world as well as in several technological appointments by the launch of new tablets that aspires to become a leader in this format. Through devices like Miix 720, or the newest members of the family Yoga, the firm has shown its commitment to manufacture a few models capable of satisfying the needs of both domestic and collective public more professionals, but what are still the efforts of the firm in other media such as the phablets? Many feel that here, the technological Asian could be losing some ground and that smartphones launched in 2016 would have problems to move in a market that has to deal with multitude of rivals, especially from their country of origin, which would be climbing positions in the world rankings.

At the end of December, a new terminal 5.5 inch landed in Europe. He is called Vibe K6 Note and would be the bet of Lenovo to storm once again the middle range. Then we told you more about this device and try to see through its features, if in the case of the smaller terminals, brand still has capacity for innovation or otherwise, has been stagnant.

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We started talking about the housing and finishes. Cover, mainly made of aluminum, also contains polycarbonate in some shots of the edges. Its approximate dimensions are 14 × 7 cm approximately, while its thickness stays at 8 mm. One aspect that may draw the attention of many, is its weight, 180 gram, something up the Middle, which we are accustomed to seeing and that round between 150 and the 160. As usual, boasts a reader of fingerprints on the back.


As we remember the beginning, Vibe K6 Note is equipped with an 5.5 inch to which we must add a Full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution pixels and a technology 2.5 D. Cameras are on the average, as front sensor stays on the 8 megapixel and back in the 16th, with features like “mode beauty” and especially with the “professional way” try to get a few good pictures through the reduction of noise and the ability to capture images of high quality in low-light environments. On the other hand, the “Smart mode” automatically adjusts the parameters to the conditions of the place where the catches are made.

vibe k6 note lente


Benefits in this field are the best indicator to encompass the Vibe K6 Note within the average range. A processor Snapdragon 430 that reaches peaks of 1.4 Ghz is, as them cameras, in the average of what are accustomed to see in this segment, where the peaks vary between them 1.3 and them 1.8 approximately. This often makes it suitable for displaying content and some more elaborate games but with a drop in graphics. On the other hand, your RAM, 3 GB, would be at the height of the Terminal on the border between the low cost and the first within the family that we mentioned a few more lines above. Its strength in this area is the storage capacity, that part of the 32 GB but reaches the 128 through the incorporation of Micro SD card.

Operating system

In software nor find great fanfare, since the latest Lenovo has Android Marshmallow Vibe UIcustomization layer is added to that. This interface, that has already appeared in other devices of the company, has several applications that sometimes can cause duplication with the series from Google and its catalog of apps installed. In terms of connectivity, supports the usual networks: WiFi, 3 G, 4 G and Bluetooth. 4,000 mAh battery and that it ranks it as one of the largest within the middle range promises, according to its manufacturers, autonomous communities close to the day with a mixed use that is sandwich playback of content stored in the galleries with navigation at maximum speed. However, it does not have rapid charging technology.

vibe interfaz

Availability and price

As we remember the principle, this device was released in Europe in late December after being officially announced a few weeks earlier. Marketed initially in Asia, after make the leap to the old continent, the next destination of the K6 Note Vibe is America. Currently, the best way to acquire it is located on the major portals of e-commerce in the world, whose approximate cost is around 220 euros.

After learning more about the last phablet that arrives by Lenovo, do you think that you it’s a device balanced in all its characteristics that may be an option to be considered against other similar phablets, or on the contrary, believe that the technology china had more room for manoeuvre in this format, and that could have launched a more advanced terminal? , that as in tablet format, would put the bar very high both in the heart of the company and its competitors? You have available more information as for example, more details about one of his tablets star so you can say yourselves on the path of the signature in all formats.

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