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Jumper EZBook 2 is renewed with a powerful Intel X 5 Z8350

Maybe many of our readers not have heard yet of Jumper EZBook 2, although many others Yes will know it. A large volume of sales is a model of notebook quite interesting which is consequent and builds upon many of the Chinese of the time tablets, hardware while maintaining the typical features of the laptop in its Constitution. Now, the manufacturer have decided to make the leap to the X 5 Z8350processor, adding a plus of performance.

It is the first time that we told you about the Jumper EzBook 2 in TabletZona and although it’s not a Tablet as such, a close relative of them can be considered to be based on the same components carrying equipment as the Chuwi HiBook or the Teclast X 98 Plus II, although the fact that the screen is not touch seems to give agility to the set point. Furthermore, this is most likely the reason why Chuwi will launch in a few days your LapBook.

Jumper EZBook 2: features and specifications technical

To which you are thinking in do you with a Jumper EzBook 2, I recommend starting from this time search the product with processor Intel X 5 Z8350, since is a chip more advanced that the Z8300 and surely you offer best results. The rest of the specs are basically the same: 14-inch with resolution full HD (1080 p), 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage in the eMMC, 10,800 mAh and, of course, Windows 10 Homeformat.

Jumper EZBook Z8350

While the device is built mainly in plastics, the sensations are not those of a cheap product and all elements of the same (keyboard, trackpad, etc.) work in an efficient and comfortable; why, the word of mouth has made this EZBook 2 a high demand item.

Alternatives to EzBook 2, also accessible

The clearest alternative that comes to mind at the moment in the Chuwi LapBook, although the average TechTablets talks also YEPO 737S, with a price about 200 dollars and base metal construction. In addition, this device offers a wider, 128 GB also eMMC memory. Anyway, it is very important that manufacturers are exploring these possibilities from components that normally should mount a tablet and the results (at least for sales results) are.

What is your experience with the Jumper EzBook 2? You have this terminal or are thinking in do you with it?

The Jumper EZBook 2 article is renewed with a powerful Intel X 5 Z8350 was published in TabletZona.

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