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It’s official, Nokia Android will arrive at the beginning of 2017

It may sound to the same news, but no, this time it is official, finally Nokia reveals plans that both had been filtering in recent months that will return in 2017 with a new range of mobile, this time powered by Android and setting aside his legendary Symbian. Phones website which will house the future Nokia Android already is underway and we have known details about the manufacture of these by the Nordic brand, which although do not carry out the manufacturing process, that we will again see your mark printed on different terminals, we will know the details.

Only a few weeks ago we did echo of some information seeping not only the specifications of which are expected to be most popular mobile return Nokia with Android, but also several leaked slides that advanced information we have officially known today.

Is official, Nokia Android starting in 2017

In fact there are several official information that we have today known around Nokia, the first of it is one that we already knew and had no date assigned, as it is the release of its first mobile with Android. Something that we could see in a filtered slide but that today it has confirmed for the first quarter of 2017, which would fit completely with the rumors that arrive at the MWC in 2017.

Nokia con Android

On the other hand, we have known the details of the development of the terminals, whichwere manufactured under license from Nokia by Global HMD, a resulting company HMD and FIH Mobile, owned by Foxconn, an actor that we already knew that it was going to participate in this new journey of Nokia. So the firm really put his name to a few terminals that will be manufactured and developed by Foxconn, which has operating rights for 10 years.

Nokia con Android

Finally have known that it website of Nokia already has from today with a section specific to phones mobile, that while still not shows none of them models that van to launch, that us allows subscribe us to a list of mail to know them news of the company, that as these information indicate, will arrive within little. It’s the last step prior to the arrival of the market again of the legendary firm, this time mobile marketing Nokia with Android. Certainly has a challenge very difficult by front this new Nokia, not in vain it signature came to be the largest manufacturer of mobile of the world during many years.

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