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It simulates mobile all the Covenants possible post-election 26J

After a night of electoral hangover, and for the second time in barely six months, it is back to talk about pacts and agreements between different political parties. The elections of the 26J have failed at the moment to deliver a clear winner, what feeds the policy of pacts and the post-election arithmetic. Today we bring you a pactometro that will allow us to know all possible combinations to form a Government from your mobile phone in seconds, we’ll see how it works.

After the election of the 20 d , the political parties had to talk long and hard to reach agreements, agreements that never arrived and that led to new elections six months later. Now the situation has changed slightly, but we need in the same way to get the calculator to know who can form a Government in the coming weeks. With the results, there are many combinations to form a Government, and we will all meet on the phone.

pactometro 26j

The pactometro of the 26J

Covenants calculator gradually is becoming an indispensable element for Spanish voters, because as it has become clear in the last two election meetings, only with agreements and pacts between the different political parties can form a Government and avoid a third consecutive election. With the results harvested by the PP with 137 seats, the PSOE with 85, United we can with 71 and citizens with 32, whoever wants to govern will have to reach agreements with “minority” formations to reach 176 seats that give the absolute majority.

pactometro 26j

To learn about all the possibilities that are there on the table, we can download in our mobile election 26J El Pactometro. The operation of this application is so easy to how difficult it will be to reach an agreement to form a Government after the 26J. We just tend to go by selecting the logo of each of the parties to see in real time the seats together for all of them, while at a glance we will see how many votes are needed to reach the absolute majority that allows to remove forward the nomination of one of the candidates. Although the same app there for iOS, we leave a very similar with a virtually identical performance.

WP-Appbox: Elections 26J 3.0 Pactometro (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Pactometro – Sets the Covenants for the absolute majority (€0.99, App Store) →

As well the title says it is version 3.0, this is to say that account with the updated of the 26J elections results. In this way we can immerse us also in the “game of covenants” that our country’s policy has become, or emulate the main television channels with their sophisticated pactometros hosts, and all from the mobile.

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