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It simulates a gyroscope in an Android smartphone that does not have the

Smartphones on the market today have a large number of sensors inside, each one in order to provide both the device and the information about the user or the status of the device. One of the sensors more often overlooked, until an application or a game needs it is the gyroscope, a 6-axis sensor capable of capturing the tilt and acceleration of the device.

By default, all high-end smartphones are equipped inside with a gyroscope, in addition to some mid-range models chip which also have this chip. However, many of the smartphone of mid-range and, above all, the majority of the low range by default do not have it, so if we try to make use of an application such as VR, Pokemon Go or Google Sky Map applications gyroscope functions will not work correctly.

Android is an operating system that hides inside a large number of surprises, and one of them is the ability to simulate a kind of gyroscope using other sensors like accelerometer and magnetic sensor information. In theory this trick should work with virtually any smartphone on the market that does not have this feature, although the only trick has been tested on two models Huawei: GX8 and P8 Lite.

Then, we leave a link to the manual, step by step, to enable this gyroscope in Huawei smartphones.

How to enable the gyroscope in Huawei Smartphone

Simulate a gyroscope is a process simple and secure, although it requires root permissions

If we want to test if this trick works, the first thing we must make sure is that our device has root permissions, since the process requires copying a file to the internal Android folders. The file copy is not more than a file .xml of 4 lines with the permissions so Android will be able to access this disabled feature of the operating system by the manufacturer. This process does not require neither a change of rom (usually works in the official roms) or flashing any file from the recovery, everything can do you from one Explorer of files, such as Root Explorer, and reset the device to load the values in the boot.

Finally, to check the sensors active or disabled in our smartphone can use the Sensor Box, available in the Play Store free application application.

WP-Appbox: Sensor Box for Android (free, Google Play) →

The results of the simulated gyroscope are not 100% accurate, but enough to be able to run applications that need this chip, especially taking into account that it is simulated values, having no physical chip inside.

Test Giroscopio

If we want to reverse the changes, we should just delete the copied .xml file and return to restart the smartphone. Automatically everything will return to normal.

Does your smartphone gyroscope? have you ever tried this trick in other devices without physical gyroscope?

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