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It is not a virus, Facebook Messenger will start to show advertising

Like all free things, but we have to be aware that to finance a free service for the user occasionally necessary to take into account the benefits of advertising. In the same way that ads are already beginning to wander Instagram Stories, beginning this week, Facebook Messenger users in some countries will begin to see advertising in the messaging application, as Facebook confirmed today.

The ads are directed to both consumers and businesses, but will not be displayed in the conversations that we maintain with our contacts, if not that will appear on the main screen of the application. According to Facebook, these small ads from test implemented in Australia and Thailand, and will give companies the opportunity to place ads on the Facebook Messengerscreen, through the inclusion of an advertisement in an area of the application located just under the recent talks.

So far, the Facebook Messenger users could see ads and other advertising when you start a conversation with a specific brand. However, the new advertising system that will reach the instant messaging application will not originate in the conversation from anyone. Will be clearly visible from the main window of chats.

publicidad en Facebook Messenger

This reserved space on Facebook Messenger so that companies place their advertisements is the same now featuring your favorite contacts and contacts ‘online. Advertising will be placed between these two sections of the application in form of cards with a thumbnail image, a text and a link to get the advertised product.

Possibility to hide Facebook Messenger advertising

It is worth noting that people who undergo this testing period of advertising content on Facebook Messenger can hide specific ads by la aplicacion Facebook Messenger settings drop-down menu. In addition, companies not can send messages to users directly unless users to initiate the interaction.

As it is logical, that starts a trial period determined in restricted areas, the most common is that these tests really become the application in the weeks after. Therefore, that it is likely that in a short period of time we can see how advertising lands formally on Facebook Messenger on a global basis.

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