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It is impossible to put the Pen S upside down in the Galaxy Note 7

It was controversy with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and resolved, in part, with the Galaxy Note 5. However, the Korean company has caught the street in the Middle, and if there are some clueless able to be confused when it comes to save the Pen S Galaxy Note 7, it is impossible to make a mistake.

It is one of those “rather-gate” that we both like and that fill hundreds of news. Happens with Apple and it has happened to Samsung with some of its terminals. In particular, the talk in the gossip after the release of their latest models of Galaxy Note were the problems that left the automatic functions of the Pen S useless if we were upside down.

The “S Penngate”, the controversy which dragged the Note 5

In these models, the attachment was subject with a few small tabs that, if we placed the pointer incorrectly, broke. This was not only that it could fall in the hole and we lost it but that were eliminated some options such as which brings up the Air Command on screen just to get the pointer.

It is, literally, impossible to be clumsy with the Galaxy Note 7

Back to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was unveiled yesterday, and which already you’ve brought a deep test analysis and opinion that you can already use your sheet in the comparison of mobile MovilZona to confront the opponents on your own. The new terminal of Samsung has solved a permanently and forever “S Penngate“. And it is that, it is literally impossible to put it in another way that is not correct, as you can see in this video.

The key is none other than the new end of the terminal, which is also prepared to align it with the housing of the equipment. This element is of the same size that the gap that there is to save it, which makes it impossible to put the pointer backward by mistake without breaking it. That is, you’re a beast, or you will not be able to put the Pen S backwards never.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 detalles S Pen todos los colores

Is another of those small details in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that, as discussed yesterday, us has captivated and can discover in the story of launch that publish on the terminal.

The critical of almost all the press has been unanimous, is the best terminal that has released Samsung until the date, now fits wait the response of the public to see if also exceeds to their rival in them preferences of them users. Of time, I do it asks to you what you seems the new device of the company Korean? If costs 850 euros as is rumored, also could be a success or not?

The article is impossible to put the S Pen to the reverse in the Galaxy Note 7 is published in MovilZona.

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