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It increases the OnePlus 3 with this kernel battery

One of the sections that matters most to the battery. Increasingly manufacturers strive more and more on this issue, since we saw a couple of years, a high-end terminal had no battery as good as another another range, but today, we are going to teach one form to increase the OnePlus 3 c batteryon this trick.

He OnePlus 3 was one of the best terminal of the year past. We saw the Chinese firm had opted for a mobile phone with a design enough premium, and characteristics that had nothing to envy to the most expensive mobile market. One of its problems, although it was minimal, was the battery that the 3,000 mAh who had could be short depending on use given.

Get the OnePlus 3 battery last longer

Today, we are going to bring a trick to increase the OnePlus 3battery. But the important thing is that not only will serve for this phone, but for any device that has the processor Snapdragon 820. I.e. for the OnePlus 3T would not work, but yes for all handsets that have emerged throughout the year with this processor, so it is a good news for all the people who have a high range of last year terminal.

batería del oneplus 3

I discussed a few days ago best ROMs for the OnePlus 3T, but today, the turn is OnePlus 3 and mobile phones with Snapdragon 820. In this case, to increase the battery of the mobile, there will be that have rooted the terminal, and what we will make change the kernel is this application Ex Kernel Manager. In this application, you need to do is choose the best plan that suits you.

According to the users, they have shown that they have been able to upload almost 4 hours of battery. Users had an average of 4 hours of screen, but with this kernel they have come to have 8 hours of screen, so we see an increase in battery

We leave here a list with the best settings in applications, since at XDA have done a survey that better results have been given. You can keep trying little by little different configurations, to see which is best suited to your use of the battery. Let us use that gave you to see if it has worked or not and your settings in the battery OnePlus 3.

WP-Appbox: FORMER Kernel Manager (€3.49+, Google Play) →

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