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It extends the autonomy of your smartphone Android with Monochrome

There are plenty of apps that help to optimise the use of energy in your Android smartphone and thus increase the battery life. Monochrome is one of those applications, although its functionality is different from the rest. And it is this active tool automatically playback images in monochrome, scale grayscale, to reduce to the maximum energy consumption of one of the components more Wolverines all Smartphone, screen.

As we have already indicated, the display is one of the elements that require more energy. It is something already known and therefore the main measure which we can apply to minimize the effects on the battery is reducing the level of brightness. However, we have in our hands, other similar solutions and one of these is offering the Monochrome app.

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Black and white screen

The truth is that the principle of Monochrome functionality can be found as series implemented solutions in models of energy saving of Samsung, specifically in the Ultra power saving mode.  And it is that Monochrome acts on the GPU and activates the color monochrome rendering. This way the display shows only grayscale, avoiding to show the usual palette of colors. This adjustment translates into a lower energy consumption, but if it fits in models that have screens OLED.Interfaz de Monochrome

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With mode automatic

How the application works Monochrome is the most basic given that with the simple installation of the same from Google Play and activation of the same by pushing the switch shown in the screenshot is enough. Thus the screen pass to see in black and white when in operation mode of energy saving of the smartphone, something that usually happens when the battery level reaches 15%. Also, if we connect the equipment to the charger, and we still use it, the app will disable grayscale once the battery capacity exceeds 30% charge.

The only Monochrome but is that it is necessary to have root on the Android team. However, the developer indicates that it is possible to modify permission on smartphones without root through adb using the following command line:

ADB – d shell pm grant com.suyashsrijan.lowbatterymonochrome android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

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