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It captures the colors of an image turning your mobile phone into a “dropper”

The color is present in our lives in many ways, in infinite shades and always starting with primary colors. Our mobile indeed try to show the color of the form more faithful to reality with increasingly better screens showing us more intense colors. As well, today we review an application that has its reason for being in color. Because not only allows us to create color palettes and share them, but we also can capture an images colors independently as if it were an eyedropper.

One of the most popular tools for image editing programs is the Eyedropper, that allows us to meet and select the color of a particular pixel in an image. As well, with the following application also we can do it in your mobile phone with any picture stored on your phone.

Create and share colors with the eyedropper

This application is called Croma and allows us to create very easily color palettes. To do so only we have to open the image that you want to extract the colors. Once opened select the pixel or area of the image with the color that you want to capture.

Cuentagotas Croma

Then you only have to click on extract colors so chroma do the rest and create palettes of colors automatically with which they have captured from the image. As it is essential in one of these applications the colors will be “translated” automatically to different formats, such as CMYK or Ral among other many standards of color for different environments.

Cuentagotas Croma

In this way we will convert our mobile in an authentic dropper as you can use in Photoshop. But Croma not only creates automatically from our selections color palettes, but also creates other complementary to those generated by us, and that reveal complementary and relations of all kinds with captured colors colors.

Cuentagotas Croma

Croma also allows to capture colors from other sources, like for example the color of the text of an email and other origins of diverse cultures. Certainly is is of a tool very useful for who work day to day with colors, already are designers or advertisers, as well as for the use personal, for paint the House, because us will allow convert a color that we like and have captured to one of them standards for find the color more similar. Croma takes advantage of the color in your mobile phone, and also makes it a “dropper”.

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