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Is this the new iPhone 7? (video and images)

In the last you have seen on numerous occasions. Before the presentation of a product accessories manufacturers receive models or “dummy” version of the future terminal to help them in making additions to it. Thanks tol use of these models built to scale, these companies can build enclosures, covers and other accessories that conform to the new smartphones launched in successive weeks. Apple tends to follow this strategy and, thanks to she, today we can show them images more close to how will be finally the iPhone 7.

Days ago have seen images of low quality and different videos of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro based on the designs of some creative. Usually these leaks of originate in the Weibo microblogging platform, but this time is the average TechnoBuffalo who shows us all the details of the possible iPhone 7 based on a “dummy” version of the iPhone 7. These recreations are that tend to be used in the windows of the terminal sale.

This model allows us to learn about what would be the final design of the device, a design that is very similar to the two previous versions of Apple’s phone, the 6 iPhone and iPhone 6s. As many know, there is a theory in the network that says that not going to find large changes of design in the iPhone until the next year, by which finally the iPhone 7 could look as appears in the following video.

7 iPhone details

This unit fictitious of iPhone 7 to which has had access the half presents a best design in what regard to them bands of antenna that tend to starring in them different models of iPhone, as well as the already classic hump of the camera and the total disappearance of it takes of headphones of 3.5 mm Put another way, this “dummy” unit of the iPhone 7 would confirm the vast majority of rumors we have been hearing for months.

While in what regards the outside appearance obvious changes on the iPhone 6s are not appreciated, it is expected that the new phone features appear in the interior, both in terms of hardware as of software by iOS 10.

It expects Apple to know all the details of this iPhone 7 during the week of September 12, just after the celebration of the IFA in Berlin and following its strategy of last years. Until then there will be that form is with these appearances of mock-ups of the terminal to make us an idea of as will look the next ship logo of a company more needed that never of a great revolution.

Then have a complete gallery with all them details of the terminal that have could know thanks to TechnoBuffalo and thanks to which we can know the design of the possible iPhone 7 in all its splendor:

iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy perfil
iPhone 7 dummy y iPhone 6s
iPhone 7 dummy cámara
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy
iPhone 7 dummy

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