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Is it cheaper than LG G5 G6 LG? The firm would reduce a 20% the cost

The results of LG during 2016 have been disappointing, with losses economic as Note predominant. The path commercial of the LG G5 would have been one of them triggers by what the manufacturer has of taking measures. As already know, the LG G6 is placed as a new try of them South Koreans by return to fight in the segment more prolific of the market of smartphones, the models premium. For such objective, the manufacturer already would have profiled the new strategy with a smartphone not modular since this innovation applied in the LG G5 not has generated the interest that is expected.

Thus, expected LG G6 to abandon this concept of design, something that we have already heard many times through several leaks, including the latest render that appeared in the network of networks in the past days. Asians would choose a casing designed glass – enclosed – Wireless charging, although now we have learned that this change not only would a new aesthetic, but also economic.

The extra cost of the modular design of the LG G5

Reports that are beginning to emerge to the surface of the consulting firm KB Securities analysts, the abandonment of the modular design the signature applied to the LG G5 will mean significant economic savings for the brand. And is that after the strong injection of money for its development, the transition to a non-modular G6 LG will mean a saving of around 20% manufacturing costs, always according to the estimates of analysts. The truth is that they have a strong interaction in Asia with suppliers of components, so it is expected that this forecast has as a basis precisely the information from the same production line.render lg g6

A LG G6 more economic that the LG G5?

To this type of information, one may wonder if that margin in cost saving will reverberate in the pocket of the user. Would be the LG G6 more economic that the LG G5? The truth is that the figure forecast by Kim Dong-won seems a leading rather than cost reduction which could grant the signature fairly loose leeway to opt for a different business strategy. That well could be the official LG G6 price direct reduction, a way to differentiate the competition, especially when the G6 LG will come to the fore just a month before on sale that one of those who will be his main rival to beat, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, we fear that the situation could well be another. And is that that margin, product of the reduction of costs, can assume an adept in sweet for the signature of face to recover the strong investment destined to the LG G5, whose benefits by sale direct not have been them expected. Thus, the conservative option might finally be launch a LG G6 at the same price as the flagships, the LG G5 line, facing the reduce the price of the product – taking advantage of this cost reduction – to regain sales volume.

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