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iPad Pro: the writing on screen and why a keyboard physical not is essential

One of the great innovations of the iPad Pro, both in its version 9.7 the 12.9, is the port dock added to one side of the tablet to connect it with the Smart Keyboard. There is no doubt that this configuration responds, in part, to the increased interest of public user of tablets by concept 2 in 1 which can represent the Surface Pro 4 or other similar equipment with Windows 10. Even so, this tool has its limits and is much less essential not to enjoy the team.

On the one hand, it seems that Apple has a short-term plan to integrate mobile platform and desktop. Maybe that (in) decision is the result of maintain a volume of business much more profitable than any of his rivals, and that makes them, to some extent, be conservative. You just have to see what little evolves the iPhone or iPad (despite persistent name changes) from year to year. While Google and Microsoft have a universal desire (alleged in the first cases) with Andromeda and Windows, Apple will continue to bet to keep iOS and Mac OS in different planes.

The write touch Pro iPad is excellent

On the one hand an article of the portal iPad Insight and by another, it not bet on the part of Apple of unite desktop and mobile us has led to this reflection. If the iPad Pro will not follow a path of convergence similar to Android with the Chromebook tablets or the Windows 10 with the laptops and hybrid, the Apple tablet will remain a secondary computer, or simply unique and exclusive type “computer” you need a user today.

On the other hand, the average quoted a little more above makes an excellent exposure of it comfortable that is has returned today write on a screen touch. It seemed that the physical keyboard was non-negotiable in executing a fairly comprehensive text, but in levels actuals iOS has achieved a truly exceptional touch efficiency, both in sensitivity and haptic feedback. Moreover, whether we are talking about the iPad Pro 9.7 as, especially, the 12.9-inch, space remaining on the screen is perfect to visualize the progress of writing. Perhaps it is a little less on a mini iPad.

The Smart Keyboard has gaps

The fact that writing on the screen of an iPad Pro is so satisfying makes more visible gaps in the native Apple keyboard. Few positions, absence of trackpad and a good, but not distinctive, response make to even stay below some alternatives manufactured by third parties.

iPad Pro keyboard connector

The iPad Pro is an excellent lightweight device and the physical keyboard remains in this sense. If you want to win in productive terms, an accessory that really make a difference and worth the weight and the volume is necessary extra that we carry. But, keep the line tablet and further improve the keyboard of iOS is a perfectly valid and appropriate.

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