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iPad Pro restored: these are your prices in Spain

Many of you are probably familiar with the program of restoration and sale of Appleproducts. Is is of drives that not left in a Chuck normal or that have been returned by present any incidence; Apple company replaces those components that have caused the problem, passes a quality control and certify them for sale. Currently the iPad Pro of 12.9 has with some units restored in Spain and you can buy to good price.

Makes some years you speak of this question and today it resumed since, on the occasion of dates Christmas, perhaps the buy of a iPad Pro or Air restored can present is as an alternative viable and economic to a new model. As we say are units perfectly reliable. In it Basic, is as buy an exemplary new but with a little more than “history”. Have of the same warranty and have last by the same test before put is to the sale. Apple certifies the product.

Prices and variants of the iPad restored

We have from the mini iPad 2 to the 12.9-inch Pro. Unfortunately, still do not have in Apple Store Spanish copies of the latest model of 9.7 inches. Saving depends on the version of the tablet and in some cases it is quite meaty. For example, let us with a 16 GB iPad Air will cost us 269 euros, with a discount of 110 euros, its normal price. Take a look at this link to see all the options.

iPad Air 2 sonido

In the hunting of the last model available, the iPad Pro 12.9, released makes a year, us found with discounts of up to 190 euros in their versions more complete, it of 256 GB with 4 G LTE, that is is in 1,079 euros. The alternative more cheap is it’s 64 GB only WiFi in gold, silver or grey space, by 759 euros.

Yet we are far from them prices of USA

As tends to occur with them products technological, each country has some prices different and in some cases can be very disparate. Is clear that United States is the market priority for Apple and both the iPhone as the iPad are more cheap there, restored or not. In this case, if we plan a trip to the North American country or someone who can get us, (without shipping to Spain; believe me, I’ve tried) the iPad Pro with 32 GB of memory costs 549 dollars, i.e. about 520 euros, while 128 GB of stays in 649 euros.

Nothing wrong, really?

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