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iPad Pro 2017: at the moment, your processor does not meet the expectations

While the projections and the first test of Apple with iPad Pro 2017 and the A10X had shown a real beast in terms of performance, in recent days they have begun to move information pointing to that the chip manufacturing process is not giving the desired results. The origin of the problem would be in the company TSCM and their difficulties to work with 10 nm.

TSCM has spent several years dealing with the production of A series of Apple processors. For this course had assumed the custom of all its units and even was to collaborate with Mediatek and Huawei in give output also to part of their chips during the first quarter of 2017. As they are running at 9to5Mac, it is logical to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company firm to get soon remedied the problem and prioritize its partnership with Apple and the orders of higher budget.

To TSCM 10 nm resist them is

As we say a little further up, the problem would be caused by process 10 nanometer production which leads to really compact processors, and that Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer seems to be resisting him, since the units billed so far get performance indices rather poor in relation to expected. Precisely the power was going to be one of the keys to the iPad Pro in 2017, so, Apple cannot allow itself a weakness is this area.

Actualizacion en los iPad

Some options that are spoken to supplement TSCM is Samsung who would also face difficulties on the way, according to the same source, or Intel. Either way, it is not an especially strange circumstance, it is the manufacturing process involves and very advanced levels of compression and density, assuming a significant challenge even to the most experienced manufacturers.

The Pad Pro 2017: all a unknown

Not fit doubt of that Apple nor lives their best moments: them last releases of the Apple not have arrived to wake both interest as is usual and it innovation begins to shine by its absence. Initially, it seemed that the iPad Pro the next course could remedy this trend, however, everything finally suggests that either Samsung or LG will be able to meet the production volume of displays OLED that require those of Cupertino, and Apple will not be able to incorporate modifications expected in its product line in 2017.

The next big thing, seems to be a reduction in the mark and maybe a new Touch IDconcept, however, the revolution in the iPad Pro should be located to the year 2018.

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