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iPad Pro 2 of 10.5 inches: so are their first renders

He began to have enough movement around the iPad Pro 2, which will arrive in spring of 2017. While the news regarding the equipment flow, pointing, that Yes, sometimes contrary directions, have also appeared the first renders trying to capture what has been said about the future Apple tablet for now. It is of images projected by a designer graphic, but not us surprise see them first parts real in brief.

It said, by now is is of projections that has made a designer based on of them data that have gone coming along those last months. There are details, however, which do not coincide and that they appear to be homegrown video creator. For example, a model purple today seems difficult. In fact, the iPad has never released colors, has always gone to recoil from what was presented for the iPhone.

So it would look Pro of second generation iPad in 2017

Marco closer, a greater ratio of display, dual camera, less thick… all that coincides a priori with what is expected of a future iPad Pro for 2017. However, there are many details that neither are especially care. For example, we do not believe that passes anyone Apple at any time through the head make a device asymmetrical, top frame do not store the proportions with respect to the bottom so it is somewhat disconcerting.

An of them great doubts with regard to the next iPad Pro 2 is if removed to the end the button home of the part front. Say it himself that said relationship to the color purple: is little likely that a novelty so important appears in the Tablet of the Apple before in your phone. The creator of the video does not seem to have referred to.

Some of the things that we know so far

It seems certain, if the majority of leaks released to date are not misleading, that the next iPad will have a 10.5-inchversion, while will represent the mini variant of 9.7. At some point, this makes sense, since compact tablets have been virtually displaced by the phablets and while in 2012 were a product with a very high demand, today its attractiveness is relative.

iPad Pro 2 de 10,5 pulgadaas trasera renders

By now only remains to wait (we assume) for the month of March, time which marks a year since the launch of the latest iPad Pro. We hope that problems with the 10 nm of TSCM do not run them Bill and force delay highly anticipated debut.


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