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iPad Pro 12.9, balance sheet after a year: too large and face, or a rival to Surface to future?

About a year ago, Apple put the original iPad Pro on the market. Is was of a tablet long expected (almost two years from the first rumors) whose great contribution to the platform, in addition to Apple Pencil, was the size of its screen. It was also the most expensive to date iPad and although the specifications of the model rose significantly with respect to other iDevices, iOS continued to maintain the same face.

In TabletZona have been quite critical with the Pro concept incorporated into the iPad in the last generations. Logically, it is not because we believe that you it’s an underpowered machine, rather otherwise, is possibly the best tablet that someone can buy if we add their performances the huge catalog of apps optimized for that format from the App Store. However, the Apple marketing is aimed to make us think that the iPad Pro is like a computer when, in our judgment, are two completely different things.

iPad Pro 12.9: apart from the 9.7 inch, same operating system

Removing users amateur or professional of the drawing, design, that van to carry to out a use more intense and stable of the Apple Pencil, many will be of agreement in that the great virtue of the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches is your size, and not is something that go to content to all. As designated in iPad Insight, what won in a field it lose in another: will have of a great area of display, interaction and work, but the portability and the size of a tablet of 10 inches, that can remove of House in a bag comfortably, not are present in the equation.

dimensiones iPad pro 12.9

Almost our diagnosis in this respect would be the following: it’s the largest screen in which one can enjoy IOS and that has some advantages, but little else.

War open between the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro: both tablets want to be a computer

iPad Pro 12.9 inches vs Surface 4 Pro: different languages for compatible devices

What you lack to the iPad Pro 12.9 is just what has the Surface Pro 4 and vice versa. He tablet of Apple enjoys of a system operating light in which the applications of the App Store work of wonder, but not there is possibility of load programs heavy, despite its 4 GB of memory RAM. In fact, the model of 9.7 inches works only with 2 GB and gives absolutely equal.

Apple iPad Pro Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro 4 is magnificent as ultrabook and as a pure tablet might work excellently if you have applications that do it. Both Apple as Microsoft aspire to the same, the device total. However, none of the two companies at the moment has done it, and is a mixture of the two tablets is Yes would approximate to it, but what is missing one is leftover to another.

The iPad Pro 12.9, balance article after a year: too large and face, or a rival to Surface in the future? is published at TabletZona.

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