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Interesting concept of ultra-thin 8 iPhone with Touch Bar (video)

Much more than 9 months to know that surprises hidden Apple to give shape to the iPhone 8 but already appear different videos with concepts of the terminal getting awaken sensations found among fans of mobile telephony. The last to arrive is this concept of iPhone 8 blade with an inherited Touch Bar of the latest MacBook Pro.

We just know all the details of the iPhone 7 just a few months ago, but already they begin to accumulate the different concepts of the iPhone 8 that show interesting ideas that designers have for future Apple phone. Typically, we find some of these designs in the version of the phone, but if all the concepts are as interesting as this, the Cupertino company should take good note.

This time the concept of iPhone 8 appears in a video posted on YouTube by a user who calls himself “Apple Designer” (Apple Designer). The concept includes the bar touch that Apple just of add recently to their last MacBook Pro, only that in the case of the phone would go integrated in the profile lower of the same.

An iPhone with Touch Bar 8?

This Touch Bar is essentially a bar thin that is located in the part superior of the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. Is is of a component multi-touch that changes depending on what the user makes within the application is this using, i.e., is provides an access fast to the functions assigned to the bar touch.

iphone 8

However this revolutionary component has gotten mixed reviews from those who have managed to prove it. Some not come a real utility in the system and claim that consumes too much battery, in addition to not be an invention own of Apple.  For these reasons it may seem contradictory that Apple integrate a touch bar on iPhone 8, by very attractive result, as it is checked in the video which illustrates these lines.

As well as adding a touch bar, the concept of iPhone 8 boasts an ultra-thin design that would make us doubt the battery capacity of the terminal, one of the main problems of the Apple phones. THE Designer also has opted by replace the classic port Lightning with a port Thunderbolt 3, which would allow a load and a transfer of data more quickly.

The concept also shows a design where the screen appears without hardly bezels, one of the main rumors that are joining the iPhone 8 weeks ago.

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