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Installs the recovery TWRP and click root Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Android is the mobile operating system most used around the world, however, although it is much more open and permissive than its rival, iOS, for safety, Google has blocked access to certain critical elements of the system so that, usually users not accessing them, for example, to the internal files of Android, data applications or private device configurations. Advanced users who need to make use of these features should carry out a process, known as “rooted”, which enable the use of the advanced permissions to have total control over the device.

Permissions superuser, or root, allow users to access elements of the device which, in general, are limited for reasons of security and stability, for example, to the internal files of Android. You have root permissions, we can open and edit these files freely, even allow other applications to do so, and, therefore, if we do not have sufficient knowledge can become something dangerous.

The use that each one can give to the root is very different, and can go from application to make backup copies of installed applications (or uninstall system uses or blocked) as Titanium Backup to use explorers of files to modify Android internal settings or install xposed modules in order to enable features and applications , normal, it would be impossible.

We will then let you explain step by step how we can make root to the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7coreado manufacturer.

How to install TWRP and make root a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

We remind you that this smartphone has been one of the most contentious in recent months since, by manufacturing defects, some units have exploited or taken caught fire while they were charging, causing serious damage. It is not the only model that has burned so far (other manufacturers of Android, even some iPhone also have retreated in the past), however, it has been one of the most striking cases.

Although Samsung is trying to change all of the models affected by new models, remember that make root to a device disables the warranty of the mobile, so we run the risk of that, going to exchange it for another model, not can. The root is always something that is should take with caution, but on this occasion, must be twice as careful and think about it before you start.

The article install the recovery TWRP and get root to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is published at MovilZona.

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