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Inky: do we are before a new form of send emails?

The protection of our tablets and smartphones, as well as of us same as users, can come of different ways: A antivirus, navigation by sites only of our full confidence, or the incorporation of markers biometric in them terminals are only some of them methods existing so not have surprises at the time of make something as simple as chat or share photographs.

To address effectively the actions of hackers, we have hundreds of apps , with greater or lesser credibility and degree of elaboration, are intended to minimize the impact of all risks to which we are daily. Today I speak of Inky, an application of which then you have more and whose main objective, are those post electronic that ship.


The base of Inky is very simple: encrypts all the post that ship’s way automatic. On the other hand, according to its developers, add digital signatures without requiring other programs or applications to increase the security of the elements that we transfer through the devices. The operation also is very simple. Once we have downloaded the app, you can choose which emails encrypt by simply clicking on an icon that appears on one of the sides.

inky app fondo

A smart app?

Another salient feature of Inky, is the fact that automatically classifies all messages we receive. On the other hand, is in charge of create a database with all them and us gives the possibility of search them by the introduction of filters or denominations concrete. Synchronization is another of the advantages of this app, since it allows to maintain a single user account in various terminals simultaneously.


Inky doesn’t have any cost. However, this not you has served to achieve a figure of users important. Although in General, it offers a new way to protect our emails and, prevent other damaging elements such as the arrival of spam, it has also received some criticism especially in the language section, since it is only available in English. Not required for purchasing integrated.

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After meeting another app aimed at improving safety, in this case, on the side of the emails, do you think that Inky may be attractive and that it offers a new way to protect our personal information, or however, believe that there are other more complete and effective tools? Have available more information related as for example, a list with the risks more common at the time of use the tablets and smartphones.

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