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In Google Apps allows you to do searches in mobile applications

The search of Google is undoubtedly the facet by which is you known to the Finder, and the different adaptations that have made of the same them of Mountain View in Android is have integrated of a form more or less satisfactory in the system mobile. But today Google has announced Google In Apps, the new return of nut to the Finder that now it works as many of us had years waiting for. Finally you can search content in different applications installed on your phone.

Mountian View’s announced today In Google Apps, the search engine that will collect us certain contents of the different applications that you have installed.

Search inside the apps

As well indicates the name of the application, with it we can search any content between different applications that you have installed. Currently the applications in which you can search are Gmail, Youtube and Spotify among others, although the list of applications available will be increased with the inclusion of others as popular as Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep. Google is collaborating with these companies and others that will come in the future to be able to access your data and perform these searches within the application.

Between the searches that are going to to do with this new function Google In Apps is found them contacts and messages, in them can search any word within an of them talks that have had with our contacts. Or also songs and videos, search with Google In Apps you can search a particular song and show us as a result directly the link of the song on Spotify. Also can search among all our notes, a material that not often be precisely the more ordered of our mobile, any search that do of this type we will return results of Evernote, Google Keep or Gmail.

One of them aspects more important of Google In Apps is that works without connection, since to the search only information local hosted in the applications of the mobile does not need a connection Wifi or a plan of data for operate. No doubt is the update of the Google search for our mobile we have been long waiting for, now that will be a search real elements in a mobile phone and not a simple adaptation of the web browser. The LG V20 will be the first mobile to integrate this new feature, as they have announced today from Google In Google Apps premiere.

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