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Improve the connectivity of the smartphones Huawei with Wi-Fi +

Today, all are connected to the network from our devices mobile. When we are in our House, we will normally be connected to our Wi-Fi network because, besides being unlimited (and, in many cases, faster than the data network), also consumes much less battery power than this. However, when we went out to the street, we will connect us directly to the mobile network that guarantees us Internet access we are where we are.

Although Android is capable of switching between connections it only, this does not always work well and, in addition, usually take a long time to change a network to another. By this, Huawei has developed a tool called “Wi-Fi +” that is entrust of monitor constantly them networks wireless of our around to ensure we always have the best connection possible.

When the function of Wi-Fi + is activated, this will monitor constantly the connectivity Wi-Fi and is responsible of connect is automatically to the network that best signal us offer. In addition, also will connect to Wi-Fi networks now known as soon as they are within our reach (thus saving data) and, in addition, where our wireless network is limited for any reason, it will toggle with the data network to ensure have Internet connection at all times.

Then, you leave a small guide where you explain how enable, or disable, this function.

Wi-Fi + can improve our connections, although neither is perfect (even can be dangerous for some)

As we have said, wireless + is responsible for controlling our connections and allows us to make us always the best available connection, however, is not a perfect tool and, on many occasions, it can fail and not work properly. For example, is possible that them networks wireless not connect automatically, and even that not is give the jump of the network Wi-Fi to the network of data when left of House.

Also is possible that, if our network wireless not has a good speed or has problems of connectivity, the Wi-Fi + change automatically from the Wi-Fi to the network of data and, if not us is has, is possible that are spending data of our limited rate can get to spend it without give us has.

Therefore, if on occasion we have noticed problems with our connection or we have had any of these problems (for example, one greater than normal data expenditure), must deactivate Wi-Fi functions + and delegated the monitoring of wireless connections in Android, just like on other devices.

You have a smartphone Huawei with Wi-Fi +? Have you ever noticed improvement to enable this feature?

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