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I saw 7: Chuwi also dares to smaller terminals

In recent weeks we have spoken of Chuwi. And it is that this Chinese firm, until recently, virtually unknown, it has been gaining ground in the sector of tablets with models like the Plus Vi10, which tries to combine an affordable price with a performance worthy of the higher models. At first glance, it seems that this company only has focused on the creation of devices aimed at a professional consumer sector. The brand seems to not wanting to lose the pull of the convertible formats. In view of the catalog of this technology, does some space for other models?

In what appears an attempt to not ignore its origins, nor to audiences, even seeking terminals for your moments of leisure, Chuwi has tablets like the Vi7. This model, right on the border between smartphones and larger siblings, pretends to be the bet for all those consumers who wish to have an auxiliary device or, for those who want to be a first contact with this format. Then you have more features on it and will see through them, what are its strengths and weaknesses.

chuwi vi 7 interfaz


As usual, we start with the physical aspect of the V7. On the basis of the fact that it is a low cost, in this sense tablet not expect metallic finishes, since it has a shell of polycarbonate which, however, is not especially heavy. It has dimensions of 18, 8 × 10. 8 cm to which we must add a thickness of only 1 cm. It has a polished corners that eliminate the sharp edges. The top and side frames are not very wide, in contrast to the lower part, which contains the controls.


On the characteristics of image we have a model halfway between larger smartphones and tablets. The V7 is equipped with a panel of 7 inches, to which is added a correct, but not excellent resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels. In terms of cameras, we can not expect sensors with cutting-edge facilities. The rear features with 2 Mpx and the front with only 0.3. However, their manufacturers claim that lenses are capable of recording in high definition.

chuwi vi7 imagen


In terms of processor and memory we have major limitations of this device which, as I recall previously, can not expect bumper range facilities belonging to the segment of the low cost. Intel has been commissioned to provide this model of a chip which, with its 4 cores, achieves maximum of 1.2 Ghz. On the other hand, has with a RAM of 1 GB to which will sum a capacity of storage of 8, that however, can expand is to them 64 thanks to cards Micro SD.

Operating system

To difference of others terminals of Chuwi that have with them latest versions of Windows or Android and, in contrast with other companies of the giant Asian, even those directed to the range of input that also are incorporating software as Marshmallow, for the Vi7 us find with Lollipop. To the installed serial interface, the company has incorporated other focused elements to improve ability of customizing terminals as well as the possibility of making telephone calls through the same. Other features that we may find ourselves here, include the saving of resources due to the closing of applications running in the background.

chuwi vi7 ram

In terms of connectivity, this tablet if it can something be behind if we take into account that only ready for 3 G and WiFi networks which reach peak speeds of 21 Mbps. However, it has last generation Bluetooth.


As mentioned earlier, Lollipop already adds some focused features to reduce battery consumption and is that these not abound on the device since, with only 2500 mAhbattery, the duration of the loads cannot exceed 3 hours if we dedicate ourselves to play videos and 5 if we mixed use which combine the execution of plays with Internet browsing.

Availability and price

Internet is the channel’s current sale for devices from companies like Chuwi, in place of origin, and the neighbouring regions have an important weight, but in other areas such as Europe, still have failed to make the leap. The Vi7 is available through this type of portals with a cost which can suffer oscillations important depending on the site where we acquire it and ranging from 50 euros, 80 approximately.

2 en 1 Chuwi Vi10 Plus

As have seen, the technology of the country of the great wall not want to close is doors while currently, their strategies go directed to a public more demanding. Through tablets as which I have tabled, is again clear that the Asian giant companies are launching devices with modest but balanced performance, at very affordable prices. Although they have acquired a great capacity for innovation in recent years. Do you think that the Vi7 can be an option to consider for those users wishing a terminal exclusively for leisure? You have available more information on other models of the brand so you can learn first hand more about this signature.

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