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I installed Android 7.0 Nougat with betas for developers program, what can I do now?

A Turk who appears to be extended and that large number of media are hinting in the last hours is the sign a Nexus device the program of betas for Android developers, so that immediately after we receive a notification with the OTA to install. It certain is that is a resource to our scope, but has some that another inconvenient and conditions with which must be careful that then passed to relate.

Android Nougat has premiered under very specific and innovative, conditions within the evolution of the Android system policy. Google has decided for the first time, set in motion a process of public betas to monitor and get valuable feedback on this new version. He program takes up from spring and has allowed to many follow the development day to day of their platform favorite, but also has complicated the life to some reckless.

Nexus 6P y Nexus 9 programa de betas

Those who had a device registered in this programme, we have received the OTA for the stable release between 2 and 3 hours after the official announcement, and we know that those who have subscribed after also had immediate access to Android Nougat stable. These are the options from now:

Remain in the program’s beta Android to receive new versions

Google will be launching each new version with certain developments for them subscribed to the program of developers, with which enjoy of all the news before any another user, as well as improvements of maintenance or patches for them bugs. However, back to the previews, which will run always less stable. If need a tablet or smartphone fully functional and always responding in the way optimal, or if use the device for tasks critical, related with the health or steps Bank, perhaps is a good time to exit of the program.

Android 7.0 Nougat: taking of contact in our Nexus 9

Leave the program and use Android 7.0 Nougat in their version stable

Is perhaps the option more recommended if not are especially passionate of it technology and prioritize a system that not us give problems on them benefits of have of all the news them first. When it comes from a stable version already Android 7.0, they are not reset all data terminal, and can continue to enjoy Nougat without any kind of setback. Despite the doubts initial that raised this process, several readers of AndroidAuthority have counted their experiences to the run it and the results were them expected. So, as we can “desenrolar” our Nexus 6 p, 5 X, 9, 6 or Pixel C with total peace of mind.

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