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Hugo Barra leaves Xiaomi, how his departure affect the company?

Xiaomi is, currently, an of them companies more important of the market of them smartphones, and an of the reasons of that is so up this company is Hugo bar, that was the Vice President of the company, but today, I us learned of the Hugo bar leaves Xiaomi

Three years ago, I discussed how Hugo Barra decided to leave Google to go to Xiaomi, deciding to leave one of the most important companies of the moment by a Chinese company that was growing, but that did not come to compete with the most important brands of this mobilemarket.

Hugo bar leaves Xiaomi to do other projects

Today, we have received some of the most important news it that far this year, and is that Xiaomi, who was the Vice President, has left the Chinese company. Thus it has confirmed in his Facebook official, giving you them thanks to the company and to its founder, by the opportunity that you had given for work in Xiaomi.

Hugo Barra

Hugo bar decided to leave Google to go is to Xiaomi by trying to expand globally the market of the company. It was a very difficult decision, since Xiaomi wasn’t what it is now, but seeing as it has evolved in the three years the company, we see if it made a very good choice.

Thus affect the progress of Hugo barra Xiaomi

Hugo bar arrived to Xiaomi to do that not only sold their smartphones in China and that had an expansion world. Three years after see that Xiaomi has evolved enough in this aspect, seeing as until the Xiaomi Mi5 is rumored that come out in Europe in the 2015, but to the end is was in that, in a rumor. This expansion not is arrived to do, seeing as only is expanded products as it Xiaomi my Box to United States, while the mobile is were there, in China.

With this March, we’ll see how the approach of Xiaomi expand worldwide will not be as strong as before, since Hugo Barra was the main motivator of this idea. Although with all what have made, believe that itself is come to make this expansion, and that of here to two or three years, will see finally as the signature Chinese starts to sell officially their smartphones in all the world.

Hugo Barra returns to USA

Hugo Barra will go on vacation with the arrival of the Chinese new year, so at the moment we do not know his fate. In his post on Facebook we have seen that it has said that it has several projects in mind in United States, but has not confirmed the company will go to which or on which projects will work. Rumors that Hugo Barra again Google will begin to hear, so we do not rule out that in two weeks, Google announce it officially.

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