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Huawei P10 could integrate under the front glass fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader is one of the most common components today on smartphones from different ranges. What began as used exclusively in high-end mobiles has been democratizing up to cheaper handsets. The location of these readers is very varied, although are most them integrated in the button Home or in the part back from the phone. Today we have known that the new Huawei P10 who would in 2017 could be the first to integrate this reader under the protection of mobile glass.

As we say the fingerprint reader already is so established in the different ranges of smartphone that firms such as for example Samsung innovate already in other type of identification as the Iris. But seems that other manufacturers are working to integrate it even more in the mobile.

Fingerprint reader under the glass of the Huawei P10

He reader of traces is today one of them aspects key in the design of any phone, its location is key at the time of give you an aspect or another to a terminal. Mostly them found integrated in the button physical Home, although not are few which is located in the part rear of the terminal, other alternative as the position side, for the Xperia Z5 not have had too travel in others manufacturers.

Huawei P10 lector de huellas

As well, seems that Huawei is planning to launch a reader of traces completely revolutionary in the new Huawei P10, a terminal that would have with a reader integrated almost of form invisible under the glass protective in the front of the smartphone. This solution would make it possible to integrate fingerprint reader so that is does not know their existence at a glance, without physical buttons and areas bounded for the use of this function. He reader of traces is would find hosted in the same area where currently is usually place the button Home, but would run through the glass front, as make them Sense Ultrasonic ID of Qualcomm that can operate and recognize the footprint low fine layers of Crystal or Sapphire.

Lateral con bandeja tarjeta SIM

Of this form Huawei would be innovating in a field in which seems that be has seated the conformism, except in the case of Samsung with your new scanner of the iris. It is still too early to talk about a concrete of Huawei P10 sheet, when we are still savoring the interesting new features as dual camera Leica has introduced this year Huawei P9 on the market.

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