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Huawei mobile phones will have spam thanks to clock identifier

Those responsible behind the application of identification of calls clock have announced makes scarce minutes that your app will be shown pre-installed starting from now in all them mobile of Huawei. El Honor 8 that just be put on sale in Europe will be the first Smartphone of the catalogue of the brand that will have this service that aims to help the user to avoid the always-annoying spam.

After the new Honor 8 of Huawei, clock integration will extend to all terminals of the company sold in United States, Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia and the India. After these countries is expected that devices sold in Europe also receive clock by default.

The marker of clock already appears pre-installed in others smartphones as them of it brand BLU, in addition to find is between the features that give form to Cyanogen.  The application uutilises a “crowdsourced” to identify calls and approach so users can detect phone numbers tag under the category of SPAM. The company ensures that it processes more than five hundred million calls each month with the help of the users.

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Advantages for those moving from Huawei

Now mobile Huawei will have by default with an application very valoraada by users that will allow to avoid that these typical summer NAPs are interrupted by the commercial of any company to call you at the worst time of the day. Its operation is of it more simple, since crosses them data of contact of them books of addresses of them users and uses that information to generates an identifier of calls in live for them calls inbound.

In words of George Zhao, President of the division Honor of Huawei:

“Were looking for partners that truly can redefine the experience of the user and clock was a choice obvious for help to improve the functions of call native and that provides ” ” an indispensable for millions of users every day service.”

Of this form them mobile of Huawei feature with a plus of security and comfort for all them users that decide to do is with one of them, since them calls of spam are one of them problems to which all us face each day and an application as clock will help to the user to keep their smartphone away from annoying campaigns of marketing.

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The article the mobile of Huawei will count with identifier of spam thanks to clock is published in MovilZona.

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