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Huawei Mate 9 Pro will have optical zoom and an exorbitant price

Yesterday I showed a picture of one of the most pleasant surprises of this week, the Huawei Mate 9 Pro. So far had the Asian firm to launch its most powerful terminal behind Matt 9, but nothing is further from reality, because even more exclusive will be Huawei Mate 9. And not only by your hardware, but also for its design, which will look very similar to the Dual Edge of Samsung displays. As well, today we have known that your camera will have optical zoom and a price of authentic infarction.

Yesterday same saw them first images of this Huawei Matt 9, a terminal that undoubtedly comes by them eyes thanks to the great screen with on curve, very similar in appearance to it of the Galaxy S7 Edge or of the failed Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and that has result be all a surprise before the presentation official.

Optical zoom in the Chamber of the matte Huawei 9 and 9 Pro

This surprise of breaking that we have little known until officially presented the new Huawei Mate 9 reveals that Huawei is willing to fill part of the gap left in the market by Note 7, and that other manufacturers also are trying to fill. The adoption of a curved screen will be the great novelty of this model, which will share dual camera with standard 9 Matt.

Parte trasera de la carcasa del Huawei Mate 9 en sus dos versiones

This camera as you know it will have eyeglasses developed in collaboration with Leica, like the P9, and such and as Evan Blass has revealed on his twitter account, will feature an optical zoom of 4 x, a very prominent feature, which few terminals can be expected in the market. Indeed the latest novelty of this kind in Mobile photography seen it in the iPhone 7 Plus, which has an optical zoom of 2 x.

Price exorbitant for the Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Version Pro will be capitalized in all aspects, at least if we stick to the same Tweet from Evan Blass in which we reported on the 4 x zoom of the camera both 9 Mate and Mate 9 Pro.

logo huawei

In the case of the latter, the price it would be around no less than 1300 dollars, or what is the same, 1195 euros, indeed exorbitant price, and as ensures the own Evan “of heart attack”. Certainly Huawei wants to end all year, with two spectacular telephones in all aspects.

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