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Huawei Mate 9 Pro vs Huawei Matt 9: comparative

After filing already here a series of comparative fairly exhaustive new Huawei Matt 9 -the main alternatives, but after a while the Chinese company presented us with a higher version of the same, with more affordable price than the “Porsche” model whose price reached almost 1400 euro. It must be said, at the moment, this Mate 9 Pro has been announced only for China, but for those of you who fear him not to import or who want to take a look and decide if you can merit or not worth living pending his possible release in our country, we are going to check the differences in specifications between the two models.


One of the most important differences between the 9 Pro matte and matte 9 standard is the design, since the first has not inherited the price of “Porsche” version, but its elegant screen dual edge, in the purest style of the Samsung Galaxy. Otherwise, and as expected in two phablets of high range, with both you can enjoy premium finishes and materials and, of course, fingerprint reader.


Another key factor to bet on one or another model is size, Mate 9 Pro is quite small (15.2 x 7.5 cm front 15.69 x 7.89 cm). The difference is also reflected in the weight, as it is normal (169 grams against 190 grams), although not so much in the thickness, where takes some advantage, but much less (7.5 mm to 7.9 mm).

huawei mate 9 pro


As already you could imagine, the size difference of these two models has to do with their respective screens, and is that the top model is quite small (5.5 inch front 5.9 inches). This is not the only thing that we have to take into account when choosing, in any case, since it also has a higher resolution (2560 x 1440 to 1920 x 1080), which makes its advantage in pixel density huge (534-PPI front 373 PPI).


Where do we find that is completely tied is in the section on performance: the two mounted the new processor of high range of Huawei (Kirin 960 of eight cores and maximum frequency 2. 4 GHz ) and it accompanied them with 4 GB of RAM. It should take into account that there is a model of the Mate 9 Pro which comes with 6 GB of RAM.

Capacity of storage

The picture in the section of storage capacity is the same as in the performance: equality is absolute for the standard model, with 64 GB of internal memory expandable through micro-SD, but with a premium for the Mate 9 Proversion, with 128 GB (this model is also which leaves us with 6 GB of RAM).

huawei mate 9


Cameras are also the same in both models and here, also, there are no upper Mate 9 Proversion: choose the model you choose you will find a camera Leica dual in the back (with 20 and 12 MPsensors) and a front-facing camera with 8 MP and aperture f/1.9.


It’s hard to bet on one of the two as Victor clear in the section on autonomy, since both start with the same 4000 mAh capacity battery and both have risk factors in terms of consumption: in the case of Pro high resolution model and in the standard model the size of the screen. Taking into account that the big thing is the battery, in any case, it is expected good results with any of them.


The comparison of prices is complicated because, as I used at the beginning, Matt 9 Pro by the time may only be purchased in China and the price that we have (around 700 euros) is announced for that country. Logically, if get to our country, the figure would rise enough, and if it bought of import, also will be something more high. It Matt 9, for its part, already know that is sold in our country by that same price.

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