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Huawei Mate 9 Lite vs Huawei Matt 9: comparative

Yesterday we brought you a comparative in which we reviewed the technical specifications Mate 9 Huawei and Huawei Mate 9 Pro to check what were the differences and which of the two models could be adjusted more what interests you to each, but the premium version is not the only Chinese company presented to us in these last weeks of the most popular of their phablets , that has also seen the light a Huawei Mate 9 Lite, cheaper, which is facing today’s standard. What they are sacrificing if we go for the cheaper of the two?


The differences between the standard and the Lite model are much less that between this and the Pro, and does not seem risky to say that most surely can leave quietly here in the background when choosing between the two, especially once are clear doubts in terms of the materials used in the most economical version (the housing is still metal) and the availability of digital fingerprint reader.


As usual, the Lite version is not only lower in technical specifications, but it is also considerably smaller (15.09 x 7.62 cm front 15.69 x 7.89 cm), while taking into account that the standard version in this case is big enough can that many consider them an advantage. Logically, your weight is also significantly less (162 grams against 190 grams) and only with regard to thickness gain Huawei matte 9 (8.2 mm compared with 7.89 mm).

mate 9 lite blanco


The size difference between the two is mainly marked by the fact that model Lite screen is smaller (5.5 inch front 5.9 inches), which is the main distinction which must be made between the two, given that its resolution is identical (1920 x 1080), although that assumes a different density of pixels (401-PPI front 373 PPI).


One of the greatest sacrifices that we have to do if we chose the Mate 9 Lite is in performance, since this model mounts a Kirin 655 (eight cores and 2.1 GHz maximum frequency) and has 3 GB of RAM, whereas with standard we will enjoy the brand-new Kirin 960 (eight cores and maximum frequency 2. 4 GHz ) and 4 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

We also lose out in storage capacity, given that the standard version offers 64 GB of internal memory and Lite only 32 GB. The two have, that Yes, with micro-SDcard slot, which helps to mitigate somewhat the difference and there will also be a model with 64 GB version a economic, which will also have more RAM (4 GB).

huawei mate 9


Although the Mate 9 Lite retains dual cameras that have not missed this year in any of the high end of the company phablets, the difference in number of Megapixels is important, with 12 and 2 MP in the economic version, and the standard 20 and 12 MP . There is no difference, however, with respect to the front-facing camera, which is 8 MP in both cases.


The Pro version of Matt 9 managed to keep a battery of equal capacity even despite being fairly small, but not so with the Lite even despite being a little thicker (3340 mAh front 4000 mAh). It will take to stop to see, in any case, if this is reduced by a significant loss of autonomy, taking into account that its screen is also smaller and that this implies one lower consumption.


We know that the price difference will be a key factor when deciding if done with more affordable model or invest a little more, but time Huawei has not ruled on how much cost this Mate 9 Lite, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the difference with the standard model (whose price is 700euros), were not at least around 300 euros. We will be alert to inform you.

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