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Huawei Honor 8 at the lowest price in the market

The Black Friday by 2016 is putting us within reach of the hand really attractive offers to buy smartphones from all ranges. The discounts applied by operators, manufacturers, large surfaces and distributors have promoted largely the increase of the consumption of products of electronics. In the case of smartphones, the Huawei Honor 8 has attracted great attention, with interesting offers. However, the joint offer from Amazon with the manufacturer gives us the option to buy the Huawei Honor 8 priced at 319 euros.

Presented last July, since Huawei Honor 8 has become in one of the most coveted models within most outstanding mid-range segment. Its official launch left bare for 399 euros, together with its design and technical factor have made it an irresistible option for many. Since then have assisted to a dance of offers on the model that have allowed acquire it with discounts of up to 50 euros on its price official. Today, on the occasion of Black Friday, the cost of the complete Honor to date is reduced even more.

Huawei Honor 8 to a price of 319 EUR

Today is a good day for buy the Huawei Honor 8. Official store of Huawei, Vmall, launches a bid for the model with a price of €349. In addition, all that user that make it buys is carries a cover of silicone of gift. Also, in less than 12 hours is put to the sale different devices Huawei by a euro, each hour and throughout the day of tomorrow, within the offer Crazy Deals. These offerings include Huawei Honor 8. However, will be an option very reduced by the number of units put to the sale.precio del Huawei Honor 8 en Amazon con descuentos

Black Friday discount more additional 30 euros

Thus, the acquisition of the most advantageous Huawei Honor 8 to date suggests Amazon occasion of Black Friday, although the sum of other additional promotion makes the purchase of the smartphone is reduced price. So much so that the Huawei Honor 8 price through Amazon remains in only 319 euros. If we value that the shipping charges are free for members of Amazon Premium, the result is one deal more than surprising, so it stands as the most attractive market offer for such model.

And is that, if the price end before processing the order is of 349 euros, in the course of the processing final is applied additionally a promotion- Cashback Honor 8-with discount additional of 30 euros. Thus, the final price of the Huawei Honor 8 set out in the aforementioned 319 euros.

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EUR 349,00 EUR

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