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Huawei G9 Plus vs Redmi Pro: comparative

Today we will confront the new Huawei G9 Plus other big releases that we have seen this summer in the land of the media-basica range. Us refer, of course, to the Redmi Pro, a device that us leaves some specifications technical very interesting for its price and an option always very tempting if are looking for save it more possible in our next smartphone. What are the reasons that may lead us to opt for the new Huaweiphablet, in addition to saving us import? We will try to find out with this comparison with the technical specifications.


Though there are a few important design differences, such as the location of the reader of fingerprints or the addition or not of a physical home button, at least there to the two having security measures that already almost can be considered essential, in addition to the good finishes that always leave us metal casings.


By what regard to them dimensions us found with two devices very similar with regard to size (15.18 x 7.57 cm facing 15,15 x 7.62 cm), although that there are that recognize you to the G9 Plus an advantage significant with regard to thickness (7.3 mm facing 8.2 mm) and another appreciably also with regard to the weight (160 grams facing 174 grams).



Where there are really not too many differences is in the section on screen: as it is already customary in the middle range, the two have a screen of 5.5 inch with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, which leaves us a 401 PPIpixel density. The main difference between both is the type of panel used, since while the G9 Plus mounts an LCD the of the Redmi Pro is an OLED.


The balance probably is tilt of the side of the G9 Plus in the paragraph of performance because mounted a processor of Qualcomm instead of a Mediatek (Snapdragon 625 facing helium X 20), although there is that recognize that the features of this second are quite similar to them of the first (eight nuclei and 2.0 GHz of frequency maximum facing eight nuclei and 2.1 GHz of frequency maximum). The two have, in addition, of 3 GB of memory RAM in the model standard and 4 GB on the model premium.

Capacity of storage

Them phablets of range average not only are adopting quickly of the range high the reader of traces digital and the housing metal, but also is each time more frequent that arrive also with 32 GB of memory internal expandable through micro-SD, as see that happens both with the G9 Plus as with the Redmi Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro colores


Is quite easy grant the victory in what regard to the camera front to the G9 Plus, since both are quite “conventional” and your number of megapixel is greater (8 MP facing 5 MP), but not is so simple in what makes to the camera main: it of the phablet of Huawei is of 16 MP and has with stabilizer optical of image , while in Xiaomi have a dual Chamber of 13 + 5 MP.


Where that not should have problems for give you the advantage at least (to the expected of results of tests of use real) to the Redmi Pro, since its battery has few rival as soon as capacity, and it of the G9 Plus, although also very powerful, is is to certain distance (3340 mAh facing 4050 mAh). There is that remember, that Yes, that the consumption is equal of important, by what always is advisable to take these data of form provisional and with caution.


The Redmi Pro has against not sold in our country, which will make that our satisfaction with the purchase will finally depend on the conditions of the importer, but its price is considerably lower, equivalent to about 200 euros. He G9 Plus, by his part, is has announced by 320 euros, but it can buy directly, with all the comforts that that pose.

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