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Huawei G9 Plus vs Meizu MX6: comparative

Yesterday I brought a comparative in which faced to the new Huawei G9 Plus with one of them phablets low-cost more popular of the summer, the Redmi Pro, but it certain is that actually between both there is a difference substantial of price, while Meizu us has presented recently another model, the MX6, that seems that could be a rival more direct. What are those points strong of each one of them? As always, try to answer this question by examining them specifications technical of each one of them.


In both cases we will be able to enjoy them at this point are already two essential extras, the metal housing and the fingerprint reader, but it is true that there are some design differences between the two that may be worthwhile to note, as it is the location of the scanner and the incorporation of the physical home of the MX6 button , that follows the lines of the iPhone in this sense.


Is rare find differences really notable between two phablets with size and design as similar as the of which us occupy today, but there are that say that in this case the similarity is surprising, both in size (15.18 x 7.57 cm front 15.36 x 7,52 cm) as in thickness (7.3 mm in both cases) as in weight (160 grams facing 155 grams) , by what hard are going to find nothing in this paragraph that we help to decide us by one or another.



Equality is already absolute, when we turn to the screen, at least in terms of basic technical specifications section, since both have the same size (5.5 inch), the same resolution (1920 x 1080) and, consequently, also the same density of pixels (401 PPI).


That unbalanced already slightly the balance in the paragraph of performance, although not is easy tell what of them two comes out winner in joint: the MX6 can boast of mount a processor more powerful (eight nuclei to 2.0 GHz facing ten nuclei to 2.3 GHz) and have more memory RAM in the model standard (3 GB front 4 GB) , but many surely will rely more on the chip Qualcomm of the G9 Plus (Snapdragon 625) that in the Mediatek (helium X 20) of the other.

Storage capacity

Clearer is the victory of the Huawei phablet in the section on storage capacity, not by the internal memory that offers the standard model, which is the same as the of the of Meizu (32 GB), but also features micro-SDcard slot, enabling us to extend it externally.

mx6 colores


With regard to the camera, the G9 Plus WINS without discussion on what makes the front camera (8MP facing 5 MP), but the issue is more complicated in terms of the main Chamber, since yours has more megapixels (16 MP 12 MPagainst), but only because the MX6 opted, as increasingly make more high-end (and with great results (, in general terms), by less megapixels of greater size (1.25 micrometers).


As always, we must insist that the consumption is a factor just as important and quite difficult to predict accurately only by technical specifications, so it always is advisable to wait for the verdict of the independent tests. Until then, however, have that say that the G9 Plus part with a sensitive advantage by what makes to the capacity of the battery (33400 mAh front 3060 mAh).


As we said at the beginning, these two phablets sell for similar prices, although the import, as usual, is something cheaper, priced at about 270 euros, while that of the G9 Plus is 320euros. What we have to do now each, therefore, is whether those 50 euros are a significant difference for us and whether it’s worth us or to resort to imports to save them.

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