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Huawei G9 Plus vs Galaxy J7 (2016): comparative

We closed our round of comparative dedicated to the new Huawei G9 Plus facing you with the last phablet of range media has launched which is still the rival to beat in Android. Us refer, of course, to Samsung and to its Galaxy J7 (2016), that is put to the sale in Spain, by a price something more bass to the of the phablet of Huawei. Deserves the penalty it investment extra that supposed to make is with this model more new? We are going to see it by measuring them specifications technical of both.


Aside from our aesthetic preferences on design issues (which could have, for example, those relating to the button physical home, as the one of the phablet of Samsung), must be granted to the Huawei G9 Plus at least two advantages: the first, relating to the materials used, since it comes with metal casing, and the second, having already incorporated a fingerprint reader.


Although by what regarding to the size us find with two devices practically identical (15.18 x 7.57 cm facing 15,17 x 7.6 cm), that found some differences that can deserve the penalty have in has in the paragraph of dimensions, since the G9 Plus is a little more fine (7.3 mm front 7.8 mm) and light (160 grams facing 170 grams).



More important, however, probably are them differences that found in the paragraph of screen: while the of both has a size of 5.5 pugadas, there is that note that the resolution of the of the G9 Plus is quite more high (1920 x 1080 facing 1280 x 720), and it same happens, logically, with its density of pixels (401 PPI facing 267 PPI) , and using different (LCD front AMOLED) panels.


The balance leans on the side of the G9 Plus in the performance section, with a processor similar to the of the new Galaxy J7 but more powerful (Snapdragon 625 of eight cores and 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 617 of eight cores and 1.6 GHz) and more RAM (3 GB to 4 GB). The two arrive already, that Yes, with Android Marshmallow.

Capacity of storage

Another point in favor of the Huawei phablet we have it in the section on storage capacity, offering twice the internal memory to the new Galaxy J7 (32 GB versus 16 GB), while it is true that the fact that both have micro-SDcard slot, helps to alleviate a little difference between the two.

Samsung Galaxy J7


New victory of the G9 Plus in the camera section, at least for the number of megapixels found both in the rear part (16 MP to 13 MP) sensor in the front (8 MP facing 5 MP). It is worth mentioning that the Huawei phablet has optical image stabilizer on your main camera, although the opening of the Samsung is greater (f/1.9).


If we look at the moment in the capacity of the battery of each of these models, we find that here if the new Galaxy J7 stays very close to the G9 Plus (33400 mAh to 3300 mAh). If we take into account, in addition, that the phablet of Samsung has a lower resolution screen, it seems too risky to put as a favorite, although we can say anything definitive until Huawei’s pass by the usual tests of actual use.


I already said before that the price of the Galaxy J7 (2016) was somewhat lower than that of the G9 Plus: the first can be purchased for 270 euros (since its launch a few months might even find it more cheap in some dealers at this time) while the second has been announced for 320 euros. As we have seen, however, the higher price of the Huawei phablet corresponds also with best technical specifications in many sections, so we have since each decide the difference compensates for us or not.

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