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HTC U Ultra vs Pixel XL: comparative

We continue with our series of comparative dedicated to HTC U Ultra turn comes now to the Pixel XL, one of the most popular phablets (and probably also one of the most controversial) the high end of last year, also, by the way, manufactured by the Taiwanese. It be worth paying the difference to get the phablet of Google or may some find everything what you seek in the alternative of HTC? What are the main differences we found between the two? We will try to answer these questions by reviewing the technical specifications of both.


None of the two phablets has a feature that makes it especially noted in the section on design or, to put it in a more positive way, lack neither nothing of what is already of course in a phablet of your level, with materials and premium finishes, as well as reader of fingerprints (with different locations (, that Yes). The main issue, therefore, is probably just which of the two seems more attractive from a purely aesthetic point of view.


Even while the Pixel XL is not one of the phablets with best ratio size/screen, HTC U Ultra is still appreciably larger, although the proportion not it varies both in fact (16.24 x 7.98 cm front 15.47 x 7.57 cm). The phablet of Google is not only more compact, in any case, but is also thinner (8 mm compared with 7.3 mm). Curiously, however, despite the difference in size have virtually the same weight (170 grams against 168 grams).

htc u ultra


The main difference in the screen section is, indeed, the size pointed to in the previous paragraph (5.7 inch front 5.5 inch), although that, of course, makes having different densities of pixels (513-PPI front 531 PPI) even while the two reach the resolution Quad HD (2560 x 1440).


In the paragraph of performance that we found with a draw absolute, since them two mounted the same processor (a Snapdragon 821 of four nuclei with a frequency maximum of 2.15 GHz) and it accompany with 4 GB of memory RAM. No lose sight, in any case, the various versions of Android that runs each of them can affect its fluidity.

Storage capacity

The tie undone clearly in the section on storage capacity, where the superiority of the HTC U Ultra is clear, offering double the internal memory (64 GB to 32 GB) and giving us the option to extend it externally through card micro-SD.

HTC fabricante Pixel


In the section on cameras we turn to find very similar data, but only for the main camera, which in both cases is 12 MP with pixels of 1.55 micrometers (although it is recalled that the most important innovations of the Pixel XL in this paragraph are from software), while the HTC U Ultra would be with another convincing victory with regard to the front (16 MP facing 8 MP).


Autonomy is always the paragraph in which the HTC U Ultra seems could suffer more with respect to their rivals, and this is a new example of this: with a significantly lower capacity (3000 mAh front 3450 mAh) battery, we find that it should nurture a screen with the same resolution, but larger. You will have to wait to see what the conclusions of the real evidence of use.


You know that we do not expect that Pixel XL reaches our country by less than 800 euros and probably even by much judging by what it costs in the countries where has been already on sale, which gives it an extra attraction to the HTC U Ultra, whose standard version has announced that it will be sold for 750 euros.

Here you can consult complete specs of the HTC U Ultra and the Galaxy S7 Edge .

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