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HTC U Ultra vs LG V20: comparative

With the LG G6 already on the horizon maybe a comparative with the LG V20 not call much attention, but we must think that, in addition to what we have left still up to the MWC will then take a few weeks at least until you see the new flagship of the company stores, and this other model Finally and after all, it is a still recent launch. So, we are going to measure the technical specifications of the new HTC U Ultra with the latest high-end LG phablet today to help you decide which of the two can adjust better to your needs.


For two manufacturers who in their history have given us so many moments of originality as far as design is concerned, it must be said that we we have two phablets that certainly comply with all the requirements of the range high (such as the premium materials and the fingerprint reader), but quite conservative in their line. The main difference between the two is basically a somewhat softer lines in the HTC U Ultra and the location of the scanner.


The comparison of the dimensions is especially interesting in this case because the display of the two models is the same size and what we are, in fact, is that the LG V20 is only a little more compact (16.24 x 7.98 cm facing the 15.97 x 7.81 cm) and fine (8 mm compared with 7.6 mm) and slightly more heavy (170 grams against 174 grams). The differences, as you can see, are quite small.

htc u ultra


We have already said that their screens are the same size (5.7 inch), but this is not the only coincidence, because they also have the same resolution (2560 x 1440) and, therefore, the same density of pixels (537 PPI). Nothing in this section either, therefore, to help us to tip the balance a little.


There is no large differences in the performance section, but it should give you some advantage to the HTC U Ultra by mounting a more recent processor (Snapdragon 821 front Snapdragon 820), although their basic characteristics change little (four cores and 2.15 GHz maximum frequency). The two also have 4 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

Another draw clear in the section on storage capacity, since we have two of the best options in this regard: the two phablets offer us anything less than 64 GB of internal memory already in the standard model and also give us the option to extend it externally through card micro-SD.

LG V20 colores


The section on cameras is one of the strongest in both cases and here that we already have slightly different betting: the HTC U Ultra comes with a 12 MP of oversized pixels camera (1.55 micrometers) and a front-facing camera 16 MP, while the LG V20 we have a dual 16 MP main camera and a front-facing camera of 5 MP. Interestingly, that Yes, the opening is the same both in the HTC phablet of LG (f/1.8) and the two have optical image stabilizer.


It HTC U Ultra is usually quite disadvantaged with respect to other rivals in this paragraph, judging at the moment only by its technical specifications, but against the LG V20, it seems that the distance is so large with screens of the same size and resolution and a battery of only just over capacity (3000 mAh front 3200 mAh).


We do not know how much will cost us if sold directly here later, but the LG V20 moment of time we can find import and prices vary enough, but are still below the 750 euros that has been announced will sell the HTC U Ultra.

Here you can consult complete specs of the HTC U Ultra and the LG V20 .

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