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HTC U Ultra vs iPhone 7 Plus: comparative

Another essential reference in the field of the phablets of high range that inevitably has to confront the new HTC U Ultra is the “plus” of the Appleflagship version. It is a comparison with a special interest, moreover, in the section on design, since HTC smartphones have been considered for a long time that most approached the elegance of the iPhone (or which exceeded it, even, according to taste). It is not more to see also, in any case, as they are close or not in terms of technical specifications. What you seem to you? Can the new phablet of the Taiwanese be a good alternative Android to the iPhone 7 Plus?


Leaving aside our aesthetic preferences, must recognize when less that we have two very classic and elegant devices which does not lack none of the features that we already alleged in a phablet of high range (or even average), as they are the premium materials or the fingerprint reader, though he has still one more than it can be quite interesting iPhone 7 Plus : the water resistance.


The HTC U Ultra is probably one of the few phablets high range that exceeds in size with some clarity the iPhone 7 Plus, although it must be said in their favor that your screen is also a little larger (16.24 x 7.98 cm front 15.82 x 7.79 cm). It phablet of Apple, in all case, not only is more compact but also more fine (8 mm front 7.3 mm), in spite of which, ysorprendentemente, is significantly more heavy (170 grams front 188 grams).

htc u ultra


As just of tell, the HTC U Ultra has a screen something more large (5.7 inch facing 5.5 inch), but not is that the only difference that have that have in has, since also has a resolution quite more high (2560 by 1440 facing 1920 by 1080), it enough as to offer us even a greater density of pixels (401 PPI facing 513 PPI).


Already know that compare the performance of the iPhone and of them phablet Android only by them specifications technical not is too conclusive, since them first take normally more advantage of your hardware thanks to a system operating made to measure. In any case, the characteristics of their respective processors are not too different (four cores to 2.15 GHz front A10 Fussion of 2.23GHz quad-coreSnapdragon 821 ) and the difference in RAM is relatively small also (4 GB to 3 GB).

Storage capacity

The advantage in the section on storage capacity, on the other hand, is very clear in favor of the HTC U Ultra, which not only comes with double the internal memory for the standard model (64 GB to 128 GB), but also gives us the option to extend it externally through card micro-SD, something that we can do with the iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone 6s plus perfil


Here we have two cameras of high level, but with quite different bets: while the HTC phablet we have a main camera 12 MP, but with pixels of 1.55 micromeotros, the Apple that we are is a 12 MPcamera, but dual. The victory of the HTC U Ultra with regards to the front camera seems, however, less contentious (16 MP to 7 MP).


They have the last word in matters of autonomy always the evidence of actual use, but a priori it seems reasonable to expect better results from the iPhone 7 Plus, whose battery has one slightly smaller capacity (3000 mAh to 2900 mAh) but you have to feed a smaller and lower resolution screen also.


It is difficult to find a phablet more expensive than iPhone 7 Plus, which sells for more than 900 euros, although some approach him, but it is not the case of the HTC U Ultra, which has been announced by some more reasonable 750 euros.

Here you can consult complete specs of HTC U Ultra and iPhone 7 Plus .

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