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HTC U Ultra vs Huawei Matt 9: comparative

We have already had the opportunity to show you what such sale stopped the HTC U Ultra when we measured him with some of the more expensive phablets that can be found, and the time comes to face him also with one of the more affordable options in the high range (although its charm for many is not only price, but also on the size of your screen) , which was also relatively recently even: Huawei Mate 9. Do you have already clear for which of the two you decantar√≠ais you? If it isn’t, we hope to help you with this comparison with the technical specifications of both.


With either of these two phablets have secured what can already be considered as minimum requirements of a high-end phablet (premium materials and fingerprint reader), so aesthetics and small differences in design (such as the location of the scanner in the front in the HTC U Ultra or smaller Huawei Mate 9frames) are which can play an important role.


Just of mention that them frames of the Huawei Matt 9 are more reduced and not there best test of this of that, while its screen is more large that it of the HTC U Ultra, is still a device more compact (16.24 by 7.98 cm front 15.69 by 7.89 cm). This not moved, however, to the thickness, where they are virtually tied (8 mm compared with 7.8 mm), or a weight, where the situation is reversed (170 grams against 190 grams).

htc u ultra


As regards the display, Huawei Mate 9 can take advantage in regards to the size (5.7 inch front 5.9 inches), but must not lose sight, on the other hand, the HTC U Ultra takes her in terms of resolution (2560 x 1440 to 1920 x 1080), which, together , leaves us with a rather higher pixels for this density (513-PPI front 373 PPI).


In the performance section, we have two different processors (quad-core to 2.15 GHz against Kirin 960 of eight cores at 2.5 GHzSnapdragon 821 ) but in both cases are chips at the highest level, and both of them they are accompanied by 4 GB of RAM, so the situation looks fairly balanced.

Storage capacity

The tie is absolute, on the other hand, in the section on storage capacity, since the two leave us the best technical specifications that can be found today in this direction for a standard version, with 64 GB of internal memory and card micro-SD, allowing us to extend it externally.

huawei mate 9


Strategies that have followed HTC and Huawei from the main camera, however, were completely different: while the HTC U Ultra has opted for a 12 MP camera with large pixels (1.55 micrometers), Matt 9 comes with a dual camera with 20 MP. The victory of the first with regard to the front camera is more clear, however (16 MP facing 8 MP).


Mate range has always been one of the champions in autonomy and, although actual usage tests which have the last word, at least should recognize that it does not appear that the HTC U Ultra is very well positioned to overcome him, with a battery with a capacity of 75% of the other (3000 mAh front 4000 mAh) and a slightly smaller display with more resolution.


Taking into account that it is normal that the phablets will always rise a little price just because of its size, the 700 euros that Matt 9 was launched represent a very interesting quality/price ratio, but it is true that the difference with the HTC U Ultra, announced by 750 euros, is not too high. It is possible, however, that by that the HTC phablet reaches stores this increase.

Here you yourselves can consult the complete technical data HTC U Ultra and Huawei Mate 9 .

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